ICS Good Works During the COVID-19 Epidemic Period

ICS Good Works During COVID-19 Epidemic Period
新型冠状病毒防疫期间之 ICS 美好善工

On January 24, 2020, due to the outbreak of the new corona-virus (COVID-19), cities in Hubei Province were locked down one after another. Other cities in China also started isolation management in different stages. The demand for personal protective equipment increased instantly. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, ICS has taken the initiative of donating RMB100,000 epidemic support fund through the “Shanghai Christian Council” for the prevention and treatment of pneumonia caused by new corona-virus infection.

2020年1月24日,因新型冠状病毒(COVID-19) 疫情造成湖北省各城市接连封城,中国其他城市也陆续开始阶段性封闭式管理,对于防疫用品的需求瞬间加增。甫自疫情传出,ICS第一时间便率先透过“上海市基督教两会”捐赠人民币100,000 抗疫基金作为抗击新型冠状病毒感染肺炎疫情防治工作所用。

After hearing of the needs of local churches and hospitals in the epidemic areas, our church members went around to source for various types of personal protective equipment. We provided urgently-needed products to various local hospitals and Churches. These include N95 masks, surgical masks, disinfectants, Level 3 isolation protective suits etc. Not only were the urgently needed protective goggles provided to First People’s Hospital in Xiaogan City, but a total of 3,000 pieces of N95 masks, which, in recent times were extremely short in supply, were immediately provided to Jinshan Branch of Fudan University in Shanghai, Zhongshan Hospital and Wuchang Funeral Parlor. Other medical supplies such as disinfectant sprays and protective goggles have also arrived in Hubei, for distribution to beneficiaries including the government recognized churches in Xiantao City and the First People’s Hospital of Xiaogan City.


Recently, we found out that the medical workers of Vulcan Mountain Hospital and Wuhan Central Hospital urgently needed more personal protective suits. With the help of the volunteer team’s coordination under emergency, they managed to source for supplies within half a day and immediately arranged for delivery to Wuhan. This shows that with cooperation of church members, there would definitely be no lack of God’s provision.


We also donated protective suits to medical workers in Shanghai Sino United Health Clinic, as well as Level 3 protective suits to funeral workers of Wuchang Funeral Parlor. These will help keep the frontline epidemic workers protected.


In addition, with help from our loving neighbors, we also provided surgical masks to local communities in Shanghai. Including XiShi Elderly Service Center; Shanghai Huge Grace Disabled Children Welfare Center and more, with a total value of over RMB 200,000.

Our Church continues to maintain close contact with medical hospitals, so that we can be informed of the most current status and needs of each medical center. We will continue to provide relevant assistance in a timely and effective manner. In the meantime, we ask our members to continue praying together with us to bring this epidemic under control, and to seek God’s healing and restoration of this land.



As the Shanghai Municipal Government’s epidemic prevention measures are well maintained, many organizations have resumed work in recent weeks. To help cater to the needs of church members and others returning to work, we are also providing free masks for Adults and Children.

In accordance with the epidemic prevention policy, during this period where Sunday services and cell group meetings are temporarily suspended, the Church is encouraging cell groups to stay connected via online communication platforms. We are also to show care and look out for one another with love and encouragement. ICS has taken further steps to launch online Sunday service videos. These videos are not only recorded timely and made available online, they also include praise and worship sessions as well as other messages. We hope to continue feeding our church members with timely messages from the Word of God. We believe that in such uncertain times, members will all the more be strengthened by the Word of God and continue to pray fervently in the Spirit, have faith in Jesus, share the good news, and be the Salt and Light in the world.