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Kids Church (Children's Ministry)

What would it mean if children grew up believing that God is their Heavenly Father? What would the families be like if every child had a personal relationship with Jesus?

At ICS, we believe that children are the church of today – not the future. Your children are very important to us, and our highest priority is to provide a safe, secure, and fun environment where they can learn about God.

Join us as we embark upon the adventure of a lifetime! Our passion is to see your children learn about God and develop relationships with Jesus. Because they comprise the next generation of leaders, we believe that children are a vital part of the church. Therefore, we supply them with age-appropriate tools to grab their attention and help them learn about God in fun ways.
We want your children to enjoy themselves and feel at ease as they learn about Jesus.

How do we equip children with knowledge of scripture, and encourage their pursuit of a relationship with Jesus through the understanding that they were “made and fashioned by the hand of God”?

  • By training children in God’s Word
  • Through scripture memorisation because God’s Word is the sword of the Spirit which defeats the enemy
  • By creating a child-friendly environment that encourages worship according to God’s Word
  • By providing opportunities for family fun
  • Through parenting tips that encourage parents in their God-ordained role as the one responsible for their child’s spiritual training.

Through teaching and the loving concern of teachers and parents, it is our desire for children to arrive at the teen years with a solid foundation of God’s Word “hidden in their heart”. These years are critical for reinforcing their faith.

We want to enable them to interpret and respond to their world in a way that is consistent with God’s ways as taught to us in the Bible.

Kids Church is offered to:

  • Nursery Class (ages 2-3yrs)
  • Pre-School Class (ages 4-6yrs)
  • Elementary Classes (grades 1- 6, ages 7-12 yrs)