COMING EVENTS| September 2023

1. Kids’ Church|September Service Theme

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In the jungle, every day is an unpredictable adventure! But to safely navigate the vines, animals, and tricky terrain, we’ll need a guide to help lead us. This four-week series follows the life of Moses and his journey to leading the Israelites out of Egypt. Through his story, we’ll discover how God teaches us how to lead and learn how to follow God’s lead as God leads us to safety, and to what we need.
在丛林里,每一天都是一场不可预测的冒险! 但为了安全穿越藤蔓和复杂的地形,我们需要一位向导的帮助。这个为期四周的系列节目讲述了摩西的一生,以及他带领以色列人走出埃及的旅程。通过他的故事,我们会发现上帝如何教导领导力和学习跟随上帝的带领。

2. Trailblazers | Youth Dance Class 青少年课外舞蹈课

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This is an opportunity for us to explore, expand, and develop the gifts that God has granted to us, let’s dance in praise of God. The purpose of this 12-session dance class is to create an outstanding performance for ICS’s 15th anniversary and the Christmas Gala. 这是一个让我们发掘、拓展以及锻炼神给我们恩赐的机会。让我们击鼓跳舞来赞美神。这次舞蹈课的目的是可以通过为期十二节课的时间为ICS周年庆以及年底的Gala带来精彩绝伦的表演。

3. ICS Special Events| 13th Charity Golf Tournament

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ICS has supported various Good Works throughout Shanghai and beyond. Over the years, our church community has managed to give over RMB 12M. All glory to God! One of the ways we practice being a family blessed to bless the community and the nations is through our annual Charity Golf Tournament. For the past 12 years, ICS has been raising funds for various beneficiaries who are in need within the community. This charity event is an outreach opportunity for golfers, corporates, and individuals wishing to contribute towards each year’s chosen cause(s). It is more blessed to give than to receive! ICS长期持续的对上海和外地区的各种慈善善行进行捐助。而年度慈善高尔夫比赛是我们实践我们异象的渠道之一 —“我们是一个蒙福而要祝福社区和列国的家庭”。在过去12年,ICS一直为社区中有需要的各样受益人募款。这个慈善活动对有特定奉献计划的高尔夫球手、企业、和个人来说实践扩展奉献的机会。施比受更有福!

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4. TEC SHINE | 3E International Fair 就业·创业·兴业【三业】交流会

How do individuals and businesses adapt and thrive in this age of AI and rapid technological advancements? Join The Expatriate Center (TEC), Global Shapers Community Shanghai Zizhu and City News Service (CNS) at 2O23 INTL 3E FAIR on 16 September, Saturday as we delve into ideas of resilience and innovation that empower people to navigate this AI era with confidence, turning challenges into opportunities for an exciting dialogue. 个人和企业可以如何适应这个人工智能和技术快速进步的时代并蓬勃发展呢?加入外籍人士中心 (TEC) 与世界经济论坛全球杰出青年社区-上海紫竹社区和City News Service (CNS) 于9月16日共同承办的2O23年【三业】交流会,深入探讨在这个人工智能的时代中韧性和创新的方案和可能性,将挑战化为机遇。

5. TEC SHINE | Vocational Character Camp: Fight Unhappiness – Facing School Challenges 拯救“不乐”实验室 儿童假期品格营

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Fight Unhappiness – Facing School Challenges is a themed immersive camp experience that delves into the different school-related challenges. It teaches kids to address sources of unhappiness and ways to combat it through engaging activities like themed games, STEM, and skits. With the professional teachers from Honor M Kids Character Activity Center, children are immersed in an environment that encourages enjoyment, creativity, and motivation. Our skilled teachers aid children in comprehending and cultivating crucial characteristics like “Determination“, “Discretion” and “Boldness“. 

拯救“不乐”实验室是主题沉浸式品格营体验,让孩子们通过参与主题游戏STEM戏剧认识并学习如何面对在校时的挑战,并回击挑战所带来的不快乐。Honor M 儿童品格活动天地的专业老师们将创造一个培养乐趣,创造力和启发性的环境,让孩子了解并培养重要的品格,如“决断力”,“谨慎” 和“勇敢”。