2023 CHARITY GOLF- Lucky Draw FINISHED! 幸运抽奖特别活动结束啦!

Please check the LUCKY DRAW WINNER LIST 1~ 请查看以下第一轮获奖名单


Terms and Conditions 条款及细则

  1. Participation in the “2023 ICS Charity Golf Tournament – Lucky Draw” (the “Lucky Draw”) constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”) and all participants agree to be bound by them. 参加“2023 ICS 慈善高尔夫锦标赛 -幸运抽奖特别活动“ (下称“抽奖”)即表示已接受本条款及细则(下称“条款”),且所有参加者均同意受本条款约束。
  2. The Lucky Draw is open to all who would like to join. 抽奖活动将开放给所有想要参加的人。
  3. The lucky draw starts on August 20, 2023, and ends on October 13, 2023 (both dates inclusive). 幸运抽奖于上海时间2023年8月20日开始至2023年10月13日结束(包括首尾两天)。
  4. One ticket price is ¥50 and all funds that we collect from Lucky Draw are for support 爱米粒 Dementia Family Support Group. 一张抽奖劵票价50人民币。此活动中收集的所有资金都将用于支持爱米粒认知症家属互助会中的困难家庭。
  5. Winners will be selected by random-chance drawings at the Lucky Draw. The odds of winning prizes depend on the total number of eligible entries received. 获奖者将在抽奖号码中随机抽取。中奖的几率取决于收到的抽奖物品的总数。
  6. Winners will be drawn and announced on the following website at around 4:30 PM on 13 Oct. 2023. 获奖者抽奖以及网站公布时间是在2023年10月13日下午四点半左右
  7. Lucky draw winner announcement will include the winner’s last name, ticket number, and prize. 幸运抽奖获奖者公告将包括获奖者姓氏, 获奖号码以及奖品。
  8. The winner will need to contact Kathleen within 7 working days after the lucky draw results are announced to claim the prize. 获奖者需要将在幸运抽奖结果公布后7个工作日内联系Kathleen并且领取奖品。

Personal Privacy 个人数据的使用

  1. Participants consent to the collection, storage, and use by ICS (and its related entities) of data provided by participants, including personal data such as the Participant’s name and contact information (collectively, “Participant Data”). 参加者同意ICS(及其相关实体)收集、储存及使用参加者提供的资料,包括参加者姓名和联系信息等个人资料(统称为“参加者资料”):
    (a) Conducting lucky draws, including but not limited to notifying winners and publishing any participant information on the website (URL: https://icshq.org/2023-cahrity-gof-lucky-draw/ ). 进行幸运抽奖,包括但不限于在网站(以上网址)上通知获奖者及公布任何参加者资料。
    (b) carry out any rights under the Terms and Conditions. 行使条款及细则下的任何权利.

*Example for Lucky Draw Ticket

Thank you for your loving heart toward Dementia Families.