231228 – Proverbs 25

Proverbs 25:16: “If you find honey, eat just enough — too much of it, and you will vomit.” 

Even sweet blessings that the Lord provides to us are best enjoyed in moderation. 

Have you ever noticed how too much of a good thing can turn sour? Watching an episode of your favorite Netflix show is relaxing. Binging the full season in a couple days removes you from the outside world. Using social media to stay in touch with friends and family is awesome. Scrolling through social media for hours causes you to miss moments with the people around you.  

God has blessed us with really amazing things in life that He wants us to enjoy in healthy ways. Even really good things can become unhealthy when they are prioritized above God. The better you prioritize your blessings, the more they’ll bring you joy! Love God above all else. Love others well. Be thankful for the good things from God. Remember all blessings are from Jesus, and He deserves your praise above the things He’s provided to you. 

Do you spend more time praising the God who provides or the things God provides?