0119 – I Am Successful Because… | TBS Devotions

The Lord was with Joseph, and he was a successful man; and he was in the house of his master the Egyptian.

~ Genesis 39:2

What would you put at the end of that sentence of my title? I am successful because…? 

Is it because you got an A* for your Maths or English? Is it because you score two 3-pointers on your basketball shot yesterday and everybody cheer for you as the MVP? Or is it because your friends spoke about how talented you are as you showcase your abilities in class? Or could you be scoffing because being considered successful remains more a dream than a reality for you right now? Even if you don’t feel successful today, it is REAAAAAALLLLLY ok!! 

Did you know that God, once called a slave by the name of Joseph, with no clothes on his back, no penny to his name and a loner in a foreign land, with no family or friends, a successful man??

It is for ONE reason: that the Lord was with Joseph, that Joseph was successful! 

In fact, Joseph’s master (the egyptian) saw that the Lord made everything Joseph did, to be successful. Joseph was a witness of God’s goodness. It did not took long, before Joseph rose to rank spectacularly, to become the second-in-command to Pharoah, the ruler of Egypt. Rag-to-riches! 

So, what is the state of your life right now? Maybe all the exams and assignments due is choking you and wrecking your timetable upside down? You might be feeling lousy because you could have earn that 2 extra marks if you had not been careless? If only you could have a little more time to pitch a bit more before your teacher gives you the verdict of your final score? If today, you feel like you are in an absolute pits, know that God doesn’t see you that way! God sees you as His beloved; as successful, because HE IS WITH YOU! So don’t let your success get wrongly hooked up on the markers of the world! Anchor your life on the WORD OF GOD – you are WHO YOU ARE IN CHRIST!!

Remember, your success are not defined by your natural circumstances or what people might comment on you. 

You are successful because THE LORD IS WITH YOU! 

Prayer: Dear Lord, as I walk obediently following Your steps, I can be successful. I can be successful because God is with me! I give Praise and Thanks! In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.