Today’s Sunday Service – 10 May 2020

ICS Online Service
ICS 线上聚会

Join our online service as we prepare the following online agenda so that you will still be able to connect with ICS during this period. ICS continues to minister to fellow Christians and Church members through our Praise and Worship, studying the Word of God via online sermons (both audio and video), questions and answers, and also prayer requests.

欢迎参加 ICS 线上聚会。我们致力于提供以下的聚会流程,协助你在这段期间连结ICS ,让我们与你同行。ICS会持续地透过线上主日信息(音频、影音)。包括赞美敬拜,读经,问题讨论,代祷,来服事基督肢体和教会家人们。

Today’s Sunday Service

Speaker: Pastor Daniel Ho
A Firm Footing 2020 (Part 1)
Main Scripture: 
Luke 5:1-11

讲题:牢固的根基 2020 (第一部分)
章节:路加福音 5:1-11

Today’s Announcements

• Please note that all ICS cell group spotlights and meetings will resume upon further notice.
• 请注意,所有小组聚会以及小組聚光燈将等候当地政府进一步通知后方可恢复正常运作。

• Please note that Anchor youth will meet with Sarah (Youth Director) via Zoom, Sunday evenings at 8pm until church services resume gathering. If they would like to receive the link because they are not in the youth or parent WeChat groups, kindly email to before Sunday.
• 请注意,青少年将于每周日晚上8点与我们的青少年总监 Sarah 在 Zoom会议线上聚会, 直到聚会恢复正常。若他们还未曾加入青少年的微信群组,请在周日前发送邮件至

Giving 奉献

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ICS thank you for your Giving.

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Only King Forever
CCLI Song #7011438
© 2013 Sony/ATV Tree Publishing

Verse 1

Our God and firm foundation
Our Rock the only solid ground
The nations rise and fall
Kingdoms once strong now shaken
We trust forever in Your Name
The name of Jesus
We trust in the name of Jesus

当世界都成为过去 唯一的依靠
列国都颤抖敬畏 信靠祢的荣耀圣名
耶稣祢的名 宣告耶稣祢的名


You are the only King forever
Almighty God we lift You higher
You are the only King forever
Forevermore You are victorious

至高君王恒古到永远 万民都要屈膝祢座前
至高君王恒古到永远 胜过一切祢名高过诸天

Verse 2

Unmatched in all Your wisdom
In love and justice You will reign
And every knee will bow
We bring our expectations
Our hope is anchored in Your Name
The name of Jesus
We trust the name of Jesus

智慧无人能相比 掌权你的爱与公义
我们得着新盼望 因着祢的荣耀圣名
耶稣祢的名 高举耶稣祢的名


We lift our banner high
We lift the Name of Jesus
From age to age You reign
Your kingdom has no end

高举得胜旌旗 高举耶稣祢的名
从永远到永远 祢国度无极限


Great Things
CCLI Song #7111321
© Phil Wickham Music

Verse 1

Come let us worship our King
Come let us bow at His feet
He has done great things
See what our Saviour has done
See how His love overcomes
He has done great things
He has done great things

来敬拜我们的王 来屈膝在祂脚前
来看我们救主作为 看祂的爱得胜
祂已成了大事 祂已成了大事


O Hero of Heaven
You conquered the grave
You free every captive
And break every chain
O God You have done great things
We dance in Your freedom
Awake and alive
O Jesus our Saviour
Your name lifted high
O God You have done great things

天上的主宰 祢胜过死亡
祢释放被囚的 砍断一切枷锁
喔主 祢已成了大事
喔 耶稣 我们的救主 愿祢名被高举
喔主 祢已成了大事

Verse 2

You’ve been faithful
Through every storm
You’ll be faithful forevermore
You have done great things
And I know You will do it again
For Your promise is yes and amen
You will do great things
God You do great things

每个风暴中 祢仍然信实
祢信实直到永远 祢已成了大事
我知道祢仍会做同样的事 因祢的应许是是和阿门
祢将成就大事 主祢做大事


Hallelujah God above it all
Hallelujah God unshakable
Hallelujah You have done great things
(You’ve done great things)
You have done great things
O God You do great things

哈利路亚 主超乎一切 哈利路亚 主不至动摇
哈利路亚 祢已成了大事 祢已成了大事
喔主 祢成就大事


何等恩典 (How Could It Be)
CCLI Song #5482539
© 2009 Stream of Praise Music Ministries

Verse 1

以真诚的心 降服在祢面前
yi zhen cheng di xin xiang fu zai ni mian qian
开我心眼 使我看见
kai wo xin yan shi wo kan jian
以感恩的心 领受生命活水
yi gan en di xin ling shou sheng ming huo shui
cong ni er lai di wen rou qian bei

With a truthful heart Lord I come before Thee
Open my eyes so I can see
With a grateful heart Lord I come to receive
Your Spirit of humbleness and grace


何等恩典 祢竟然在乎我
he deng en dian ni jing ran zai hu wo
何等恩典 祢宝血为我流
he deng en dian ni bao xie wei wo liu
何等恩典 祢以尊贵荣耀为我冠冕
he deng en dian ni yi zun gui rong yao wei wo guan mian
wo di zui bi chong man zan mei

How could it be that You would care for me
How could it be Your blood was shed for me
How could it be You’ve crowned me with Your grace and glory
O my soul sing praises to the King


ni yi nuo qu wo suo you jia suo
ni yi nuo qu wo suo you zhong dan
ni yi nuo qu wo suo you shang bei
ni di ming pei de suo you song zan

You have removed my bondage my chains
You have removed my burdens and shame
You have removed my sorrows and pain
O my soul sing praises to Your Name


Divine Exchange
CCLI Song #3355345
© 2001 Thankyou Music

Verse 1

My heart is captivated
Lord by You alone
Captured by the awesomeness
Of You alone
Melted by the grace
And mercy You have shown
I stand in wonder


Verse 2

I reach to You the One
Who makes the blind eyes see
Who breaks the chains
Of sickness with authority
Restoring what was broken
So it may fly again

我向祢靠近 祢那使瞎眼看见
祢修复一切破碎 使我能重新展翅


I live to worship You
I breathe to worship You
All of my days Your face I will seek
For as I worship You
You lead me to that place
To that place of divine exchange

活着为要敬拜祢 呼吸为要敬拜祢
当我敬拜祢 祢领我到那地


Jesus Jesus
Jesus Jesus
Jesus Jesus

耶稣 耶稣
耶稣 耶稣
耶稣 耶稣


International Church of Shanghai
CCLI Copyright License #390109

Chinese Sermon 中文证道

Chinese Sermon Audio and Video Link (access and/or download here)
For the password, please click here.

Video Youtube Link (for viewers outside Mainland China)



1. 为何在做出任何重大决定之前,先寻求来自上帝的话语极为重要?你是否倾向于在不事先询问上帝的情况下去执行自己的“好”主意,而还期望上帝要祝福你的计划?
(路加福音5:1-11; 约翰一书5:14-15)


2. 讨论分别为圣的祷告是什么,以及耶稣如何在客西马尼园里向我们展示了寻求上帝在祂生命中的旨意的祷告。活出分别为圣的生命在我们生活的各个方面, 包括他们的优先次序,对你意味着什么?
(马太福音26:36-45; 约翰福音6:38)


3. 讨论当我们面临重大决定时,上帝如何对我们说话,以及为我们设置的安全措施是什么。你是否愿意对从主那里听到/领受到的话语采取行动,即使那可能并不是你所想的?
(箴言3:5-6; 约翰福音10:27-28; 罗马书8:14-16; 箴言15:22)

English Sermon 英文证道

Video Link:


Video Youtube Link (for viewers outside Mainland China)
English Sermon Page Link (download available here)

Audio Link:


CG Discussion Questions:

1. Why is it vital to get a word from God before making any major decisions? Do you tend to carry out your own Good idea without consulting God, and yet expect Him to bless your plan?
(Luke 5:1-11; 1 John 5:14-15)


2. Discuss what the prayer of consecration is and how Jesus demonstrated to us in praying for God’s will in His Life in the Garden of Gethsemane. What does living a consecrated life mean to you in different aspects of your lives including their priorities.
(Matthew 26:36-45; John 6:38)


3. Discuss how God speaks to us and what are the safeguards He puts in place for us when we are faced with a major decision to make. Are you willing to act on what you have heard from the Lord even though it may not be what you have in mind?
(Proverbs 3:5-6; John 10:27-28; Romans 8:14-16; Proverbs 15:22)

Weekly Prayer Points


1. May the Church be blessed by the online worship and sermon, that they shall receive grace and experience unity through Holy Spirit.


2. Pray for the church, that ICS will have breakthrough during this difficult time with the guidance of God. Along with the church mission, may the Lord give greater wisdom and strengthen Pastor Daniel and the ICS staff.


3. Pray for the REVIVAL in the year 2020 – All cell groups and church members running towards the vision given by God to ICS.
请为教会2020年的复兴代求 – 所有小组及教会成员都一同向着神给 ICS 的异象努力。


4. We ask the Lord for protection and guidance upon TEC’s ministry, we pray for His promises to be fulfilled in the works they’ve done. We pray for His wisdom upon each of the TEC staff, may their work channel His Gospel, His grace and faithfulness will shine through the work of their hands.


5. Pray for our pastors, board members, ministry leaders, cell group leaders, church staffs as well as their families. We ask the Lord to protect and strengthen their body, soul and spirit with His grace. May their work in the marketplace be filled with God’s abundant grace, as they commit to His kingdom, the church of God.


6. Pray that God will guide us in building up new churches in the nations He leads us to according to the word God has given ICS.
求神按着祂给 ICS 的话语带领我们去到各国为祂建立教会。


7. May the Lord help couples, parents, and children to have a more harmonious relationship, pray for the restoration of worship culture in each family. Pray for protection upon the families abroad, and may the children whose studying abroad shall experience God’s faith and peace.


8. We lift up our prayers for those brothers and sisters who are faced with layoffs, financial difficulties, illnesses, broken relationships, and other obstacles; pray that their faith will not be shaken during these difficult times, that they shall focus on God’s promises rather than the circumstance. As they do the prayer of faith and thanksgiving, the Lord shall give strength to their faith.


9. Pray for the development of the epidemic. Continue to pray that the spreading of the disease will stop in His name, may the Lord protect the safety of the medical teams, for continuous wisdom and strength upon the government and related personnel. Let’s pray that all churches of different nations will come before the Lord and pray earnestly as one, churches will proclaim the Lord’s name over the power of darkness.


10. Pray for In Christ Singapore, Pastor Sandra Westerdahl, board members, church staff, volunteers and their family members. Pray that God will draw new visitors and former ICS members back to worship and serve Him.
请为新加坡分会,Sandra Westerdahl 牧师,董事会成员,志愿者以及其家庭成员代祷。求神吸引新成员和过去 ICS 的成员加入敬拜和事奉的行列。

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