Rejoicing in the Lord

CG Discussion Points

1: What can we learn from Paul’s exhortation to the Thessalonian church in the context of settling issues by starting with “rejoice always”? (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18; Psalm 16:11)
2: What can we do to change the unpleasant atmosphere when facing distress or circumstances? (Mark 5:37-42, 1 Samuel 30:6, 2 Kings 3:14-15)
3: How do “heavenly joy” and “rejoice in the Lord always” apply to you, especially in adversities? (Philippians 4:10, 13; Acts:16:25-26; Isaiah 35:10; Nehemiah 8:10)
4: Explain the progression of heavenly joy, namely rejoice, trance, and ecstasy. Give examples on how you have turned trouble into an opportunity for joy? (Acts 10:10-11, 22:17-18; Luke 10:18, 21a; James 1:2-4)