A Transformed Life (Part 1) – Cell Group Campaign

CG Discussion Points

  1. What was God’s original plan for man and how important was the free will in man’s relationship with God (Gen 1:26-27, Psalm 8:1-6)?
  2. How did Adam and Eve fall into sin and what were the consequences of it? How will the enemy try to tempt us in a similar manner and what is the foundation we need to stand strong on?
  3. How can we see that shame was one of the consequences of sin the lives of Adam and Eve? How does the enemy try to bring shame into our lives and how does it affect our relationship with God?
  4. What kind of High priest do we have in Jesus and how has Jesus sacrifice on the cross made a way back to God? How did Jesus restore back to us the things that man lost in the garden of Eden through giving His life on the cross?