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Kids Church Sunday Service – 20 March 2022

Friends Bring Friends Into Blessings

Praise & Worship

Join us in praise and worship, and let’s make a joyful voice to the Lord.
让我们一起赞美敬拜, 向上帝发出喜悦的欢呼声。

Questions for Kids Discussion

Bible Event: Luke 5:17-26. The Lord heals the paralytic and forgives his sin
Key Verse: Luke 5:20, “When the Lord saw their faith, he said, ‘Sir, your sins are forgiven.’”

1. What two things did the Lord do for the paralyzed man?

2. What was the response of everyone who saw the man healed?

3. Why did the Lord first say, “Your sins are forgiven?” Do you think anyone was expecting that?

4. What was wrong with the response of the Pharisees and teachers of the law?

Can you think of any friends that you can talk to about the Lord? Do you have someone who is hard to like as a friend in life?  In this lesson, you will learn the Bible event of Jesus healing the paralytic man and forgiving his sins, their faith makes a difference when they pray for others or bring them to Jesus, and the greatest power God uses to help us is the power of forgiveness.


圣经事件: 路加福音 5:17-26. 主医治瘫子,赦免他的罪
关键经节: 路加福音 5:20,“当主看见他们的信心,就说:‘朋友,你的罪赦了。’”

1. 主为瘫子做了哪两件事?

2. 看到他痊愈的人的反应是什么?

3. 为什么主先说:“你的罪赦免了? 你觉得会有人预料到吗?

4. 法利赛人和文士的回应有什么不对?

你有朋友可以在主里交流吗? 在你的生命中有没有一个让你很难喜欢的朋友? 本课中,你将学习圣经故事关于耶稣医治瘫子并宽恕他的罪,当人们为别人祷告或把他们带到耶稣面前的时候,他们的信心就会增长,主用他最大的力量就是宽恕来成为我们的帮助。

Title: Friends Bring Friends Into Blessings
题目: 要把朋友带进祝福

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