231227 – Accessing Peace during Tribulations 患难中得平安

Romans 5:1-3 (NKJV) Therefore, having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom ALSO we have access by faith into this grace in which we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God. And not only that, but we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance; (emphasis added)

The word “ALSO” above reveals to us a second benefit after being declared righteous by the finished work of Jesus Christ.

The second benefit is the ability to access by faith the grace of God to sustain us when we are hard pressed on every side especially during tribulations. We can invite God into our lives during our tribulations for Him to help and strengthen us. Now that we stand in favor with God just as Jesus Christ is the highly favored of God, we will have the strength to face up to every situation that comes our way including everything that has been brought about by COVID-19.

Do you know what is lacking in the world now? PEACE. There are lots of turmoil brought about by Covid-19. It has brought about mental stress on many people because of the quarantines, the lockdowns, the inability to meet with friends and visit our loved ones. The work from home arrangement has also brought about strain in family relationships. Besides China, the global economy continues to be under performing and people have been made redundant in their jobs. These add onto the stress and challenges in the family. While most of us will not be able to play a big part in the recovery of the global economy, we can definitely ensure that the PEACE in our lives, the environment around us and our home will not be stolen. We are able to cry out to God, invite Him into our situation and believe that His grace for our lives will carry us through!

We need to have the peace of mind knowing that our loved ones are well and protected when we are separated by distance. We need to experience peace in our minds as the economy is taking longer than expected to recover. We need peace in every country so that we will be able to experience normalcy in life. However, there is one form of peace that is within our reach if we are to work on it diligently. It is the peace in our homes and any other environment where God has placed us. We need peace in our relationships in a home environment, interpersonal relationships amongst believers and at our workplaces. Peace is the most priceless gift in a home especially during times of turmoil and tribulation.

Sermon Series: Peacemaker   


罗马书 5:1-3 我们既因信称义,就藉着我们的主耶稣基督得与 神相和。 2藉着他,因信得进入现在所站的这恩典中,并且欢欢喜喜盼望 神的荣耀。 3不但如此,就是在患难中也是欢欢喜喜的;因为知道患难生忍耐。


这第二重恩惠就是, 处于患难之中当我们四面受压时, 我们仍然能够因信而得蒙神的恩典并得以扶持。 在患难中, 我们可以邀请神进入我们的生命中帮助我们,坚固我们。 因主耶稣基督是神所喜爱的, 现今我们也蒙恩可以站立在神的宝座前, 无论面对的境况如何(包括疫情所带来的一切), 我们都有力量去应对。

你知道现今世界缺少什么吗?平安。  疫情带来了许多混乱。 它给许多人带来了精神压力,因为隔离、禁足、无法与朋友见面和探望我们的亲人。  居家办公也给家庭关系带来了压力。除中国外, 全球经济继续表现低迷, 一些工作岗位被精简。  这些增加了家庭面对的压力和挑战。虽然我们大多数人发挥的作用并不能左右全球经济的复苏,但我们绝对可以确保我们生活中、周围的环境和我们的家中的平安不被偷走。 我们能够向神呼求,邀请祂进入我们的处境,并信靠祂的恩典将带我们度过难关。

我们分隔两地时,需要放心知道我们的亲人们安好并防护得当。假设经济复苏比预计缓慢时, 我们也需要以平安的心面对。在每个国家我们都需要平安, 这样我们才能回归正常的生活。 但是有一种平安, 当我们为之努力时, 是触手可及的。 这就是我们家中的平安和神安置我们的地方的平安。 我们需要在家庭环境的关系中、信徒之间和工作场所的人际关系中持守平安。平安是家里最无价的礼物, 尤其是在动荡和患难时期。