240104 – Proverbs 30

Proverbs 30:5: “Every word of God is flawless; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him.” 

We are so blessed to have access to God’s perfect words in the Bible.  

Remember all the hype #flawless got on Instagram? The hashtag has been used more than 13 million times! People are obsessed with this idea of capturing a moment that is truly perfect in one photo and a short caption. Agur, the author of Proverbs 29, said every word of God is flawless. It’s not just one moment of His existence that’s flawless; it’s every word He has ever spoken. The Bible gives us access to hundreds of thousands of God’s perfect words. Read God’s word. Search God’s word. Learn God’s word. It’s holy and flawless, and you get to hold it in your hands any time you choose.  

Are you consistently reading the Bible with gratitude for access to God’s perfect word?