230621 – How To Change The World | TBS Devotions

Acts 2: 14; 41 “Then Peter stood up with the eleven, raised his voice and addressed the crowd. […] Those who accepted his message were baptized, and about three thousand were added to their number that day.”

Have you ever seen someone and immediately noticed that something was different about them? You can’t exactly put your finger on it, but you can tell. Maybe they got a promotion, started a new relationship, or finally got a few good nights of sleep. Whatever it is, they almost seem like a new person.

When reading Acts two, we are forced to ask, “Are these really the same people?” This action-packed chapter tells the story of Peter’s fiery sermon that triggers the revival of Pentecost. Thousands of people got saved that day. People probably thought, “Isn’t Peter the guy that publicly denied Jesus?” The disciples moved through the huge crowd doing miracles and helping people meet Jesus, despite a language barrier. “Wait, aren’t these the same people who ran for the hills when Jesus was arrested?” they thought. What turned these wimps into world-changers?

They dressed the same. Their voices were the same. Their beards looked the same. Everything should be the same, but they seem so drastically different. Are they even the same people? The answer is no. God changed everything for them with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit indwelled them and empowered them. There is a spiritual fire within them, and it was consuming those around them. They were changed, so the world changed too.

What God did for them, He wants to do for you. When you receive the Holy Spirit, you are different. You are no longer limited by your flaws, disadvantages, social status, personality quirks, or even your sin. Through the Spirit, God wants to make you into someone new. Then you can be a catalyst for change for others too. God changes people so that people can change the world.