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ICS Leaders Retreat 2015

We’re so thankful to have Pastor Beth Jones here to give us precious listens for all the leaders!

Please click below for the video recordings, audio recording will be uploaded soon.
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God’s Capacity In You – ICS Family Camp 2015

About Speaker: Carl-Gustav Severin is an appreciated and dynamic preacher moved with compassion for the unsaved. His generous character and heartfelt messages open up many doors to the people that listen to him. He has been preaching for 40 years, and has since 1990 been a minister within Word of Life in Uppsala, Sweden. He shares generously of his own experiences about sorrows, struggles and victories for the listeners to apply in their own lives. Ps Carl-Gusfav, together with his wife, Monika and their five children have been living in Uppsala, Sweden since 1990.

Get To Know The Holy Spirit

About Speaker: Dr Anders Gerdmar is training Christian leaders to lead more effectively and bear more fruit. He is President of Scandinavian School of Theology, Uppsala, Sweden, and Associate Professor in New Testament exegesis at Uppsala University.

关于讲员:Anders Gerdmar博士主要培训基督教领袖成为更好的领袖并结更多果子。他是瑞典 Scandinavian School of Theology的主席,并Uppsala University新约解读系的副教授

Total Forgiveness: Totally Forgiving God and Totally Forgiving Ourserlves

About Speaker: Dr Robert Tillman Kendall is a Christian writer, speaker, and teacher who pastored Westminster Chapel for 25 years. He is author of more than 50 books, including Total Forgiveness.
He is now in retirement but continues his work as an author and guest speaker at Christian conferences. He appears on Christian TV programmes and is a regular contributor to Christian publications.

Faith Hope Love

About Speaker: Tom Bloomer studied archaeology at the University of Illinois (B.A. 1972), Tom and his wife Cynthia joined the French-speaking branch of a youth work in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1974. In 1983 they went to Kona, Hawaii, to help develop the University of the Nations (UofN). A Master’s degree in intercultural studies from Wheaton College Graduate School (1987) and years of cross-cultural experience proved invaluable as Tom helped coordinate, refine, and improve the different courses developing through the UofN. Tom completed a Ph.D. in Education Science at Trinity International University in 1999 and has served as the International Provost of the UofN since 2001. Tom has lived in Switzerland for forty years now; his wife Cynthia passed away in 2012.

Christian Counter Culture

Rev Wee Boon Hup is Bishop of the Methodist Church in Singapore. His philosophy in life is to rejoice in his privileged position in Jesus, and to share this joy with others. He is known for teaching the Word of God in a simple, practical and applicable way.