Get To Know The Holy Spirit

About Speaker: Dr Anders Gerdmar is training Christian leaders to lead more effectively and bear more fruit. He is President of Scandinavian School of Theology, Uppsala, Sweden, and Associate Professor in New Testament exegesis at Uppsala University.

关于讲员:Anders Gerdmar博士主要培训基督教领袖成为更好的领袖并结更多果子。他是瑞典 Scandinavian School of Theology的主席,并Uppsala University新约解读系的副教授

The Holy Spirit gives life and power. But who is the Holy Spirit and how does he work?
圣灵给予生命和能力. 但是圣灵是谁?他是怎么运作的?

The seminar covered 课程包含:
– Who is the Holy Spirit 圣灵是谁?
– The Holy Spirit in God’s salvation plan 圣灵是神救赎计划的一部分
– Be filled with the Holy Spirit 被圣灵充满
-The gifts of the Spirit–tools of God’s love 圣灵的恩赐-神彰显他的爱的方式
– Hearing the voice of the Spirit 聆听圣灵的声音

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