“Love and Serve One Another”

The continuation of the Cornerstone series, focusing on finding your place in the church and equipping for effective service in the Body of Christ. We all are called to be not only Sunday Christians, but also active servants in the Body of Christ. This series called Servanthood will help you to discern your spiritual gifts, find your place in the church, and make you an effective minister in your local congregation.  Please proceed through the Introduction and the 10 lectures available via the available links below.

Print out or save the Study Guide and watch the respective Video Lecture. Then open the Study Questions and fill out the assignment. Send the assignment to discipleship@icshq.org. Repeat this procedure for every posted lesson from 1 to 10. After you send in the 10th assignment, your Servanthood series is completed! Congratulations!

1. The Study Guides
2. The Video Lectures
3. The Study Questions

How does the Disciple Track work? You can hear more about how we do Disciple Track in our church clicking on the link here. You can also go to our resources and download the Disciple Track overview of the different programs.



1. Introducing the Servanthood series
2. Introducing the Book of Ephesians


LESSON 1 – God Has a Plan for You

Contents A:
1. Tap into God’s Plan
2. God Has a Plan for You
3. Bearing Fruit
4. Running the Race
Contents B:

1. We Will Give Account
2. The Great White Throne Judgment
3. The Judgment Seat of Christ
4. The Power of Words
5. The Eternal Perspective



LESSON 2 – The Heart of a Servant

Contents A:
1. Unselfish Servanthood
2. Greatness of Servanthood
3. Wrong Motives
4. Hindrances to Servanthood
Contents B:

1. Lacking Servanthood
2. Variety of Spiritual Gifts
3. Developing the Servant’s Heart

LESSON 3 – To Lose Your Life for God

Contents A:
1. Belonging to God
2. Being a Vessel of Honor
3. New Creation and Living Sacrifice
4. Living for God
Contents B:

1. Saying Goodbye to Fleshly Things
2. Human Praise and Self Promotion
3. Consecrate Yourself

LESSON 4 – The Process of Sanctification

Contents A:
1. What is Sanctification?
2. Sanctification in the Old Testament
3. Sanctification in the New Testament
Contents B:

1. The Work of the Holy Spirit
2. The Sanctification Process
3. The Pentecostal View of Sanctification

LESSON 5 – On Spiritual Resistance

Contents A:
1. Spiritual Resistance of the Devil
2. The Reality of Spiritual War
3. The Story of Nehemiah
4. Spiritual Victory
Contents B:

1. Various Resistors
2. Blind Spots of Pride
3. Hindrances to Prayer Answers
4. Overcoming Temptations

LESSON 6 – Find Your Place in Church

Contents A:
1. The Ministry of Helps
2. Elders and Deacons
3. The Ministry of Excellence
Contents B:

1. Your Gift Makes a Way
2. Exalted in Humbleness
3. Avoiding Pitfalls
4. The Pillars and Ministries of the Church

LESSON 7 – Mentorship and Authority

Contents A:
1. Church Hierarchy
2. Principles of Authority
3. The Power of Mentorship
Contents B:

1. The Call of Mentoring
2. Leading by Word and Example
3. Key Factors and Dangers
4. Mentorship Requirements

LESSON 8 – To Be a Disciple-Maker

Contents A:
1. Discipleship and Leadership
2. Three negative Shifts in Disciple-making
3. The Need of the Hour
4. Servant-Leadership

Contents B:
1. Discipling in Unity
2. Turning Trials into Triumphs
3. Cultivating Our Inner Life
4. Key Considerations


LESSON 9 – Out of Your Comfort Zone

Contents A:
1. Problems of the Comfort Zone
2. Optimal Performance Zone
3. Biblical Example of Josiah
Contents B:

1. Do Not Let Things Holding You Back
2. Nourishing Good Habits
3. From Stupidity to Wisdom
4. Keep Yourself Motivated

LESSON 10 – Spiritual Gifts Assessment

1. Survey to Discover Our Own Spiritual Gifts
2. Evaluation of the results