Welcome to the introductory Christian series of teaching designed for newly saved Christians! Please proceed through the Introduction and the 5 lectures available below via the available links.

Print out or save the Study Guide and watch the respective Video Lecture. Then open the Study Questions and fill out the assignment. Send the assignment to discipleship@icshq.org. Repeat this procedure for every posted lesson from 1 to 5. After you send in the fifth assignment, your  First Steps in Christian Faith are completed!

1. The Study Guides
2. The Video Lectures
3. The Study Questions


1. Introducing the Gospel of Mark
2. Introducing the Gate to Life

Lesson 1 – God is a Wonderful Father
1. Who is God?
2. What is God Like?
3. How Can I Know God?

Lesson 2 – Jesus is a Wonderful Savior
1. To become His Child
2. Perfection in the Beginning
3. Freedom To Do Right and Wrong
4. Satan Fooled Them into Sin
5. Separated from God
6. You and I Have Sinned
7. Jesus – Complete Solution!

Lesson 3 – Filled with the Holy Spirit
1. Who is the Holy Spirit?
2. Jesus Baptizes with the Spirit

Lesson 4 – The Word of God
1. What is God’s Word?
2. Jesus is the Word of God
3. The Word Begin to Change You

Lesson 5 – Five Pillars of Faith
1. Water Baptism
2. Church: Fellowship with Others
3. The Bible: Your Daily Food
4. Prayer and Worship
5. Telling Others About Jesus