“Deepen Your Christian Faith and Knowledge”

Welcome to the second stage of our Christian disciplehip that will help you deepen foundations of your Christian faith. Completing this series will enable you to become an all-round Christian equipped with all basic knowledge of Christian life. You will be ready to dive deeper into the Word of God and prayer as well as to build a more intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. Please proceed through the Introduction and the 10 lectures available via the available links below.

Print out or save the Study Guide and watch the respective Video Lecture. Then open the Study Questions and fill out the assignment. Send the assignment to discipleship@icshq.org. Repeat this procedure for every posted lesson from 1 to 10. After you send in the 10th assignment, your Cornerstone in deepening your Christian Faith is completed!

1. The Study Guides
2. The Video Lectures
3. The Study Questions

How does the Disciple Track work? You can hear more about how we do Disciple Track in our church clicking on the link here. You can also go to our resources and download the Disciple Track overview of the different programs.



1. Introducing the Cornerstone series (video only)

2. Introducing the Book of Romans (video only)


Lesson 1 – Relationship with God

Contents A:
1. Growing Into Maturity with God
2. Our Religious Character
3. God the Father
4. God the Son
5. God the Holy Spirit

Contents B:
1. How Do You Get to Know God?
2. How Does God Reveal Himself to Us?

Contents C:
1. Example of Enoch
2. Put God First
3. Seek God with Your Whole Heart
4. God-Seeking Bible Characters


Lesson 2 – Hearing from God

Contents A:
1. How Does God Talk to You?
2. The Word of God
3. The Old Testament
4. The New Testament

Contents B:
1. Who Wrote the Bible?
2. The Supernatural Book
3. The Canon of the Old Testament
4. The Canon of the New Testament
5. Why did God Give Us the Bible?

Contents C:
1. God’s Word is Active in Our Lives
2. How Does God’s Word Help Us to Grow?
3. Our Responsibility
4. Understanding God’s Word
5. God’s Word As One of Our Weapons


Lesson 3 – Talking to God

Contents A:
1. Four Spiritual Pillars
2. Jesus’ Example of Prayer
3. Attitude in Prayer
4. Promises to Answer Prayers
5. How to Pray?
6. Conditions to Answered Prayers

Contents B:
1. What is God’s Will?
2. The Role of Faith in Prayer
3. Patience, Confession, and Love
4. Hindrances to Answered Prayers


Lesson 4 – Obeying God

Contents: A
1. Why Should We Obey God?
2. How Do We Show God That We Love Him?
3. How to Obey Him?

Contents B:
1. God’s Commandments
2. The Benefits of Obedience
3. Practical Ways to Obey God


Lesson 5 – God’s Love and Forgiveness

Contents A:
1. Relationship Versus Friendship
2. The Heavenly Father
3. How Does God See Me?

Contents B:
1. How Does God Define Sin?
2. Temptation to Sin
3. How to Resist the Temptation?
4. What to Do If We Sin


Lesson 6 – Filled with the Holy Spirit

Contents A:
1. Who is the Holy Spirit?
2. The Nature of the Holy Spirit
3. Why Did He Come on Earth?
4. Being Born Again and Filled

Contents B:
1. Born of and Filled with the Spirit
2. Why to Be Filled with the Spirit?
3. How Can a Person Be Filled with the Spirit?


Lesson 7 – How to Grow and Develop Your Faith

Contents A:
1. The Importance of Faith
2. What is Faith?
3. Receiving Things by Faith

Contents B:
1. Our Faith Can Grow
2. Releasing Our Faith
3. Receiving from God


Lesson 8 – Empowered by the Holy Spirit

Contents A:
1. The Baptism in the Holy Spirit
2. Different Kinds of Spiritual Gifts
3. The List of Spiritual Gifts

Contents B:

1. What to Expect After the Spirit Baptism
2. Purpose of Speaking in Tongues
3. Clarification Concerning Tongues


Lesson 9 – How to Be an Overcomer

Contents A:
1. The Reality of Christian Life
2. God is on Your Side
3. There Are Two Kingdoms

Contents B:
1. Our Authority Over Satan and His Kingdom
2. Satan and His Schemes
3. Jesus Defeated the Devil
4. Our Spiritual Weapons
5. How to Exercise Your Authority


Lesson 10 – How to Serve God

Contents A:
1. God Has a Plan for Your Life
2. All Christians Called to Be Servants
3. Witnesses to the Gospel

Contents B:
1. Servants to All

2. Joy Over One Sinner
3. Seeking God’s Plan and Will
4. Losing Your Life for Christ