Leadership (Disciple Track Advanced)

Apr 16 , 2019

Christians are called to lead each other into maturity in Christ. There is always someone in the Body of Christ who is searching for help to grow further in Christian knowledge.

Servanthood (Disciple Track Intermediate)

Mar 12 , 2019

"Love and Serve One Another" The continuation of the Cornerstone series, focusing on finding your place in the church and equipping for effective service in the Body of Christ.

Cornerstone (Disciple Track Basic)

Mar 6 , 2019

The Basics of Christian Faith

First Steps (Disciple Track Welcome)

Nov 22 , 2018

Welcome to the introductory Christian series of teaching designed for newly saved Christians! Please proceed through the Introduction and the 5 lectures available below via the available links. INSTRUCTIONS: Print out or save the Study Guide and watch the respective Video Lecture. Then open the Study Questions and fill out the assignment. Send the assignment to discipleship@icshq.org. Repeat this procedure for every posted lesson from 1 to 5. After you send in the fifth assignment,...