Cell Groups

In the high-tech, low-touch culture of today, many of us are searching for a place to belong. We need more than a once-a-week exposure on Sunday mornings to others of “like precious faith”. We wrestle all week with issues of life such as relationships, money, self-discipline, insecurity and fear, in our search for peace and significance.

Christians weren’t meant to walk through life alone. True growth, spiritual and personal, often take place in loving, supportive, grace-giving, truth-telling relationships – like those found in ICS Cell Groups.

A Cell Group is a small, safe group of people helping each other grow as we do this thing called “life”. This setting provides a comfortable backdrop to ask questions about your walk with Christ, participate in discussions, and learn how others have applied God’s Word in their lives to find truth.

Life change happens when you take the time to connect with people who really care about you. Sharing your stories, challenges and victories allows others to see the real you and gives them opportunities to help you get to that next level with God.

Cell Groups also provide a great way to give back to your community. Several groups have adopted mentoring programs and are assisting teachers in other cities and towns in China, some are serving as English teachers in Migrant Schools, and others have participated in local-area Christmas programs and other similar events – all reaching out with the love of Jesus, with acts of kindness!

We have 38 Cell Groups across greater Shanghai, there is a group near you that you would fit with perfectly. Similar age members, similar type families with similar issues to yours, who are ready to embrace you in love… a safe place for you to grow, change, get answers and become more like Jesus Christ!

Involvement means the difference between “church attendance” and actually “being a part of our church family”. To find a group near you, stop by the Connections Table in the foyer.