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Today’s Sunday Service – 27 September 2020

ICS Online Service
ICS 线上聚会

Join our online service as we prepare the following online agenda so that you will still be able to connect with ICS during this period. ICS continues to minister to fellow Christians and Church members through our Praise and Worship, studying the Word of God via online sermons (both audio and video), questions and answers, and also prayer requests.

欢迎参加 ICS 线上聚会。我们致力于提供以下的聚会流程,协助你在这段期间连结ICS ,让我们与你同行。ICS会持续地透过线上主日信息(音频、影音)。包括赞美敬拜,读经,问题讨论,代祷,来服事基督肢体和教会家人们。

Today’s Sunday Service

Speaker: Pastor Daniel Ho and Pastor Kim
Title: It Is More Precious Than Gold
Main Scripture: Matthew 5:36-37

讲员: 何牧师 和 金牧师
讲题: 比黄金更宝贵
章节: 马太福音 5:36-37

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1. 为什么遵守我们的诺言如此重要?考虑到魔鬼的本性是以诡计、欺骗、隐瞒、狡猾、歪曲和篡改的形式说谎和扭曲真相,讨论你被消费界或商业界的产品或不实语言所误导的经历和反应。
(马太福音 5:36-37; 创世记 3:1)


2. 对比扫罗王和大卫王在遵守与基遍人盟约方面的品格差异。在这个黑暗和持续恶化的世界里,作为一个商人、商业伙伴或婚姻伴侣的承诺和信誉已渐渐消失,并且很难重建被打破的信任的时代,我们应该如何才能成为世上的盐和光的美好见证。
(撒母耳记下 21:3,7; 马太福音 5:13)


3. 考虑到神总是信守祂的承诺,并成就他所应许的事,讨论我们既然在基督里是新造的人,我们应该如何能够遵守我们的诺言(言行一致),来活出成为一个有品格和诚信的人。
(民数记 23:19; 以赛亚书 55:11; 出埃及记 6:7-8; 约书亚记 21:43-45; 哥林多后书 5:17)

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CG Discussion Questions:

1. Why is it so important for us to honor our words? Discuss your experiences and reactions from being misled by the products or untruthful words from the consumption or business world, considering the fact that it is the devil’s nature to lie and twist the words in the form of trickery, deception, craftiness, cunningness and manipulation.
(Matthew 5:36-37; Genesis 3:1)


2. Compare the difference in character between King Saul and King David with respect to honoring the covenant agreement with the Gibeonites. How can we be the salt and light and living testimony in this darkened and deteriorating world where commitment and credibility as a businessman, business or marriage partner is lost gradually and broken trust is hard to rebuild.
(2 Samuel 21:3,7; Matthew 5:13)


3. Considering that God always honors His word and makes good what He has promised, discuss how we are able to honor our word and live out to be a man of character and integrity since we are a new creation in Christ.
(Numbers 23:19; Isaiah 55:11; Exodus 6:7-8; Joshua 21:43-45; 2 Corinthians 5:17)

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Weekly Prayer Points


1. Pray for the Lord’s anointing and Holy Spirit moves among our online service and worship sessions. May we worship the Lord wholeheartedly as the He desires, pray for God’s grace to fill up our longing hearts.


2. Praise the Lord as more churches reopen progressively and have started congregating. We continue to pray for ICS and other international churches, may God’s mercy be upon them and they may resume to regular services soon; everything shall be lifted to His mighty hands.


3. We continue to ask the Lord to guide ICS Kids Church, Anchor Youth, and Cell Groups online meetings. By connecting online, may His word and grace speak into their spiritual life and they may have a transformed life.


4. We pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are recovering from chemotherapy, chronic diseases, surgeries, sorrows, and difficulties in life; we also pray for those who have returned to their work and also encountering changes within the marketplace. May the Lord provide for our needs abundantly, bless us with wisdom and in strength, as we believe God’s grace is always sufficient for us!
为在化疗,慢性病,手术之后恢复中,和处在忧伤,各样困境中的肢体祷告,也为恢复正常工作的公司,面临工作环境有大改变的弟兄姊妹们祷告。求主供应我们物质赐给我们智慧和刚强的力量, 我们相信神的恩典是够我们用的!


5. We give thanks to the Lord for a successful event of the TEC 3E Fair, All Glory be to God! We ask the Lord to fill each TEC staff with strength; God shall guide the future direction of TEC, and His overflowing grace will shine through TEC.


6. We ask the Lord to lead the prayer life of each cell group in ICS, may the Lord help our brothers and sisters in Christ to build strong prayer life and ignite their passion for prayers within. As strong prayer warriors, we will grow in obedience towards His calling.


7. Pray for the development of the pandemic, Praise be to God as China’s covid situation has stabilized, and we continue to ask for the Lord to show mercy towards those who have been impacted by the pandemic and pray a prayer of blessings upon them. God the ruler of this world, pray that His grace shall be rested on the poor countries and the poor.


8. Pray that God will guide us in building up new churches in the nations He leads us to according to the word God has given ICS.


9. Pray for In Christ Singapore, Pastor Sandra Westerdahl, board members, church staff, volunteers and their family members. Pray that God will draw new visitors and former ICS members back to worship and serve Him.
请为新加坡分会,Sandra Westerdahl 牧师,董事会成员,志愿者以及其家庭成员代祷。求神吸引新成员和过去 ICS 的成员加入敬拜和事奉的行列。

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