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Today’s Sunday Service – 20 December 2020

ICS Online Service
ICS 线上聚会

Join our online service as we prepare the following online agenda so that you will still be able to connect with ICS during this period. ICS continues to minister to fellow Christians and Church members through our Praise and Worship, studying the Word of God via online sermons (both audio and video), questions and answers, and also prayer requests.

欢迎参加 ICS 线上聚会。我们致力于提供以下的聚会流程,协助你在这段期间连结ICS ,让我们与你同行。ICS会持续地透过线上主日信息(音频、影音)。包括赞美敬拜,读经,问题讨论,代祷,来服事基督肢体和教会家人们。

Today’s Sunday Service

Speaker: Pastor Daniel Ho and Pastor Kim
Title: Peacemaker
Main Scripture: Romans 5:1-5

讲员:何牧师 和 金牧师
章节:罗马书 5:1-5

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1. 通过摩西之约和亚伯拉罕之约来解释我们如何能与上帝和好。当我们生活在一个残缺世界和充满了不完美的人群里,在纷争、争执和分裂中做一个使人和睦相处的人(和平的使者)意味着什么?
(罗马书 5:4-5; 马太福音 5:9)


2. 当你的家庭出现争执或纷争时,属肉体的作为对你和家人有什么影响?讨论你如何做一个和解者来修复家人之间或夫妻之间的氛围。
(箴言 17:1, 14, 19; 箴言 26:20; 箴言 21:9; 彼得前书 3:7)


3. 你是否经历过教会中的纷争或分裂,然而当基督的肢体分裂时,谁是最终的赢家?在工作中或办公室里,工作环境可能是复杂且竞争激烈的有各种不同个性、文化、价值观、工作或领导风格的人,你应当怎样做才能被称为是使人和睦的人,而不是说闲话传舌者或制造麻烦制的人?
(哥林多前书 3:1-3; 加拉太书 5:15-16)

English Service 英文聚会

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CG Discussion Questions:

1. Explain how we can have peace with God, by referencing to the Mosaic covenant and Abrahamic covenant. What does being a peacemaker in the midst of strife, contentions and divisions means as we live in a broken world filled with imperfect people?
(Romans 5:4-5; Matthew 5:9)


2. How has the work of the flesh impacted you and the family members when there is contention or strife in your family? Discuss how you can be a peacemaker to restore the atmosphere at home among the family members or between the couple.
(Proverbs 17:1, 14, 19; Proverbs 26:20; Proverbs 21:9; 1 Peter 3:7)


3. Have you experienced strife or division in church and who wins eventually when the body of Christ is divided? What can you do to be known as a peacemaker rather than a talebearer or a troublemaker at work or in the office, where the work environment can be complex and competitive with different personalities, cultures, values, working or leadership styles?
(1 Corinthians 3:1-3; Galatians 5:15-16)

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Weekly Prayer Points


1. Pray for the Lord’s anointing and Holy Spirit moves among our online service and worship sessions. May we worship the Lord whole heartedly as the He desires, pray for God’s grace to fill up our longing hearts. Especially our online brothers and sisters in Christ, may they be ministered by His truth and be touched by the Holy Spirit.


2. We pray that God will take hold of the resumption of church services, we do not have control over the environment condition and other circumstances but we trust in the Almighty God. Pray that the Lord will guard the heart and mind of our dear brothers and sisters in faith, especially to those who feels disconnected from not being able to attend a physical church, and longing to be within the Christian community. We believe that we and the world are in the good will of the Lord. Our time is within the Lord’s eternal and infinite time.


3. We continue to ask the Lord to guide ICS Kids Church, Anchor Youth, and Cell Groups online meetings. By connecting online, may His Word and Grace speak into their spiritual life and they can have a transformed life. We also ask the Lord to let the family stay connected through the Word of God and also allow the children to be fed spiritually with His truth and prayers.


4. We pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are recovering from chemotherapy, chronic diseases, depression, surgeries, sorrows, and difficulties in life. We also stretch our prayers for those who are currently unemployed, under pressure at work, in between jobs, and whose working environment has changed drastically while encountering changes in the marketplace. May the Lord provide for our needs abundantly, bless us richly with wisdom and in strength, as we believe God’s grace is always sufficient for us!
为在化疗,慢性病,抑郁症,手术之后恢复中,和处在忧伤,各样困境中的肢体祷告,也为失业的,工作压力太大的,要换工作, 工作环境有大改变的弟兄姊妹们祷告。求主供应我们物质赐给我们智慧和刚强的力量, 我们相信主的恩典是够我们用的。


5. We ask the Lord to bless each cell group’s prayer meeting and may the Lord ignite their passion for prayers and make us strong prayer warriors within ICS. We pray for God to hear our prayers as we ask for His grace to be upon those who are sick, facing a crisis, churches, and the nations.
求主赐福每个小组的祷告会, 愿主把祷告的火灌注在ICS教会里。使我们成为祷告的勇士。我们为所有病人,在危机中的肢体并且为教会和国家呼求主的恩典的时候求主聆听我们的声音。


6. Pray for God’s protection to be with China and the global condition of the pandemic. We ask for His mercy. He is the great God who calms the raging sea, and pray for God’s comfort as His people encounter the realities of family lost.


7. Pray that God will guide us in building up new churches within the nations to be a community blessed to bless others as He leads us according to the vision He has intended for ICS.


8. Pray for In Christ Singapore, Pastor Sandra Westerdahl, board members, church staff, volunteers and their family members. Pray that God will draw new visitors and former ICS members back to worship and serve Him.
请为新加坡分会,Sandra Westerdahl 牧师,董事会成员,志愿者以及其家庭成员代祷。求神吸引新成员和过去 ICS 的成员加入敬拜和事奉的行列。

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