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Today’s Sunday Service – 03 April 2022

ICS Online Service
ICS 线上聚会

Join our online service as we prepare the following online agenda so that you will still be able to connect with ICS during this period. ICS continues to minister to fellow Christians and Church members through our Praise and Worship, studying the Word of God via online sermons (both audio and video), questions and answers, and also prayer requests.

欢迎参加 ICS 线上聚会。我们致力于提供以下的聚会流程,协助你在这段期间连结ICS ,让我们与你同行。ICS会持续地透过线上主日信息(音频、影音)。包括赞美敬拜,读经,问题讨论,代祷,来服事基督肢体和教会家人们。

Today’s Sunday Service

Speaker: Pastor Daniel Ho
Title: Keeping The Peace Of God
Main Scripture: Isaiah 26:3-4

讲员:Kelly 袁牧师
章节:以赛亚书 26:3-4

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English Service with Chinese Subtitles 英文聚会 (中文字幕)

English Service with Chinese Subtitles 英文聚会 (中文字幕) Page Link (access and/or download here)
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Video Youtube Link (for viewers outside Mainland China)


1. 在哪些情景下或是什么原因,你会察觉到上帝的平安已从你身上被偷走了?解释上帝的平安与世界所提供的那种和平有什么不同,特别是当我们在生活中经历磨难或逆境时。
(约翰福音 14:27; 罗马书 5:1-3; 罗马书 8:35)

2. 从本周主要经文中,讨论我们如何能保持自己在上帝的平安中。通过播种和生根结果子的比喻,讨论上帝的话语的力量和你默想上帝的道的经验,如何在你心中产生平安。
(以赛亚书 26:3-4; 马太福音 4:16-17, 20)

3. 明白我们的想法要么会让恐惧或信心主宰我们的生活,讨论和分享当我们对封控所产生的压力、工作保障或财务有焦虑时,如何能通过赞美上帝和默想上帝的话语(给予参照经文)来抗拒负面消息或消极思想。
(腓立比书 4:8-9)

English Service 英文聚会

English Service Page Link (access and/or download here)
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Video Youtube Link (for viewers outside Mainland China)

CG Discussion Questions:

1. What are the occasions and causes when you notice that the peace of God is being stolen from you? Explain how is the peace of God different to the kind of peace that is being offered by the world, especially when we experience tribulation or adversity in our lives.
(John 14:27; Romans 5:1-3; Romans 8:35)

2. From the main scripture, discuss how can we keep the peace of God. With the parable of sowing the seed and to be rooted to bear fruit, discuss the power of the Word and your experience of meditating on the word to produce peace in your heart.
(Isaiah 26:3-4; Mark 4:16-17, 20)

3. Knowing that what we think in our mind will either allow fear or faith to dominate our lives, discuss and share how we can counteract negativity by praising God and meditating on the Word (with scripture references) when we are concerned with lock down stresses, job security or finances.
(Philippians 4:8-9)

Weekly Prayer Points

Heavenly Father, thank you for Your love and grace.
We praise and exalt Your name in all the earth.
You change not and Your loving kindness is new every morning.

Thank you that You have a purpose for each one of us and we pray that everyone will catch the vision of ICS that ‘We are a family blessed to bless the community and the nations’.
Thank you that You have bless us abundantly that we can bless others financially and support the seminary students and others who are in ministry. You are ever faith to provide for us.

We pray that we will walk in love and unity towards one and another.
That we will be like minded, having the same love, of being of one accord and of one mind. (Philippians 2:2 New King James)
使我们意念相同,爱心相同,有一样的心思,有一样的意念。(腓立比书 2:2)

We pray for Pastor Daniel that You would give him greater insights into the Word of God that he will speak forth the word that You want him to speak to the people in this season. We pray that our faith will be built up.

Thank you Holy Spirit that You are moving in our midst on our online service. We pray that the people will worship and receive the word wholeheartedly, that we be doers of Your Word and bear fruits in our lives.

We pray for the Kids Church and Trailblazers that You would work in their hearts that they would grow intimately with You, spending time in Your presence in worship, prayer in reading the Word.

We pray for Pastor Kelly and the team that Your anointing be upon them as they prepare the sermons that will minister to the children and youth. Pour out Your HOLY SPIRIT UPON THEM that their lives will be transformed.

We pray for the children and youth who still do not know You to come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.

We pray for church members who are under lock down that You will infuse Your love and grace into them.

We pray for Barbara Wentroble for her 6 sermon series for the market place. We pray that the people will receive the teachings and the impartation.

We pray for the media and translation team as they work on the subtitles for the video.

We pray for the devotional team. We pray for the writers as they put together Pastor Daniel’s sermons into bite sizes for the daily posting. We pray for the Chinese translators too.

We pray for ICSG that You anoint Pastor Sandra’s lips as she preaches weekly.

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