The Bloom Of Death

There were many nuggets to be gleaned at the seminar last Saturday. But there was one particular thing that struck me and that was when Dr Faro explained about abiding in God and related this to the beauty of a cut flower.

So long as we are bound to the proper Wellspring, lifeblood flows in and through us. A cut flower put in a vase is lovely indeed. It appears to be hale and is typically at the pinnacle of its beauty. However, this is only apparent, for what we see is actually the bloom of death crouching by its stem.

The flow of life had been cut off at the moment when it was severed from its roots and torn from the earth. What remains is but the dregs that would eventually run dry.
We are sheep and we need our Shepherd. Let us abide in Him.

The seminar was a brilliant mix of the scholastic and the practical; the intellectual and the spiritual.

The video/audio recording would be up on the website as soon as editing is completed.