My Soul Magnifies The Lord

We were once again blessed to hear from Rev Dr Wee. And his message to us this season is that Christmas is a time to magnify the Lord.

In Luke 1:46-55, we read what is known as the Song of Mary, Canticle of Mary, or the Magnificat. In this passage, we see Mary giving praise to God, acknowledging her blessedness in being part of what was to unfold. And indeed what has been unfolding from the time of Abraham!

Like Mary, we must magnify the Lord and for what He has done. However, we must be careful lest we become inward looking; too involved in us and ours alone. When remembering blessings and needs, we must look further afield. Like Mary who saw the bigger picture, we must see ourselves as part of the greater story. We must realise the global and generational dimensions to our prayer. Our blessedness today was a result of the past, and what we do today will echo into the future. It is stated in the Bible that we rule with Him. Are we doing our part well? Exercising our authority uprightly? Using our influence wisely? As we celebrate the coming of the Christ-child, let us pause and reflect, and rise to become a light that would shine brighter and have a reach that is further still, beyond our time and space – globally and generationally.

Come and sing with me, “how great is our God”!