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Kids Church Sunday Service – 27 March 2022

We Are Chosen To Make A Difference

Praise & Worship

Join us in praise and worship, and let’s make a joyful voice to the Lord.
让我们一起赞美敬拜, 向上帝发出喜悦的欢呼声。

Questions for Kids Discussion

Bible Event: Matthew 10:1-4
Key Verse: John 15:16, “You didn’t choose me, but I chose you. I have appointed you to go, to produce fruit that will last, and to ask the Father in my name to give you whatever you ask for.”

1. What did Jesus do the entire night prior to calling his disciples?

2. According to Matthew 10:1-4, why does God choose people?

3. What is the difference between a disciple and apostle?

4. What is fruit that will last?

Do you know our Lord puts his warm touch on you and choose you to make a difference in people’s life? The Lord gave his life for us so that we can be in his team to be blessed and bless others. In this lesson, you will learn the Bible event of the Lord choosing the twelve apostles, the Lord chooses ordinary people and does extraordinary things through them as they put their trust and confidence in him, and the Lord chooses us to make a difference in his Kingdom.


圣经事件: 马太福音 10:1-4
关键经节: 约翰福音 15:16,“不是你们拣选我,是我拣选你们。并且分派你们去结果子叫你们果子常存,使你们奉我的名,无论向父求什么,他就赐给你们。”

1. 在召门徒之前的一整晚,耶稣做了什么?

2. 根据马太福音 10:1-4,上帝为什么拣选人?

3. 门徒和使徒有什么不同?

4. 什么果子能持久?


Title: We Are Chosen To Make A Difference
题目: 我们被拣选带出改变

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