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Kids Church Sunday Service – 13 March 2022

Faith is Trusting Him

Praise & Worship
Join us in praise and worship, and let’s make a joyful voice to the Lord.
让我们一起赞美敬拜, 向上帝发出喜悦的欢呼声。

Questions for Kids Discussion

Bible Event: Luke 5:1-11
Key Verse: Romans 3:22, “Everyone who believes has heavenly father’s approval through faith in the Lord.”

1.What was Peter’s reaction to the miraculous catch of fish?

2.What was Lord’s response to the fishermen’s reaction and Peter’s statement?

3.Why do you think Peter responded the way he did? How may the teaching of the
Lord have affected him?

4.What do you think might have been going through the minds of Peter, James, and John as they left everything and followed the Lord?

What do you have faith in our Heavenly Father about? Do you know that the Heavenly Father wants us to have faith in his Son and follow Him. In this lesson, you will be able to learn the Bible event Luke 5: 1-11:Jesus’ miraculous catch of fish, faith is trusting in the Lord as Heavenly Father’s son, our Savior, and the Heavenly Father does miracles but we must believe and obey him if we want to be part of them.



圣经事件:路加福音 5:1-11
关键经节:罗马书 3:22,“就是天父的义因信主加给一切相信的人。”

1. 彼得对捕鱼时的发生的神迹反应是什么?

2. 耶稣对打捕鱼的人的反应和彼得的话有什么反应?

3. 你认为彼得为什么会有这样的反应?主的教导会如何影响他?

4. 当彼得、雅各和约翰撇下一切跟从主的时候,你认为他们心里会想些什么呢?

你在哪方面对天父有信心? 你知道吗,天父要我们相信他的儿子,并跟从他。本课中, 你将学习圣经中路加福音5:1 – 11的内容:耶稣捕鱼的神迹, 信心就是是相信主是天父的儿子, 我们的救主, 如果我们想与天父一同经历他的神迹我们必须相信并顺服他。

Teaching: Faith is Trusting Him



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