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Kids Church Sunday Service – 06 March 2022

Building Your Life On What The Lord Wants

Praise & Worship
Join us in praise and worship, and let’s make a joyful voice to the Lord.
让我们一起赞美敬拜, 向上帝发出喜悦的欢呼声。

Questions for Kids Discussion

Bible Event: Luke 6:46-49. The Lord’s parable of a house built on a rock
Key Verse: 1 John 2:17, “…the world and its evil desires are passing away. But the person who does what God wants lives forever.”

1.What were the listeners of the Lord doing that bothered him so much? What were they not doing?

2.What happens to those who build on anything other than the words of the Lord?

3.What are some examples of “foundations” that people build on other than the Lord’s word?

4.What did the Lord indicate would come to the builders of both houses in his story?

How long do you think your favorite thing will last? Will it last one year? Fives? How about a hundred years? In this lesson, you will learn the Bible event found in Luke 6:46-49:  The Lord tells the story of the wise man who built his house on the rock, we are to not only hear what Lord says but we are also to do what he says, and the most important thing we can do in our heavenly father’s will is to believe in his Son, as our Savior.



圣经事件: 路加福音 6:46-49。主关于建在磐石上房子的比喻
关键经节: 约翰一书2:17,“…这世界和其上的情欲都要过去,唯独遵行神旨意的,是永远长存。”

1. 主的听众在做什么使他如此烦恼?他们有什么没有做?

2. 那些没有建立在主话语上而是建立在其他事物上的人会怎么样?

3. 还有哪些例子是人们建立在其他事物的“基础”上而非主话语上?

4. 主在他的故事中暗示了这座所房子的建造者会怎么样?

你认为你最喜欢的东西会持续多久?它能持续一年吗? 5年吗?一百年吗?本课中,你将学习路加福音 6:46-49 的内容:主告诉我们聪明人会把房子盖在磐石上,我们不仅需要听天父所说的,我们也要去做。在天父对我们旨意里,最重要的就是相信他的儿子是我们的救主。

Teaching: Building Your Life On What The Lord Want



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