TWL Session 4: Personal & Professional Application – Our Daily Walk

TWL Session 4: Personal & Professional Application – Our Daily Walk

“Come and join this important foundation program – ICCC’s Transformed Working Life (TWL) Training will help you understand that work is a fundamental calling from God for everyone. Work has its full meaning when we recognise God’s pleasure as we serve man and creation through our work-life. Ultimately, work is our act of worship to God.
欢迎来加入这个重要的根基性的培训 – ICCC的更新的职场生活(TWL)训练将帮助你了解工作是每个人从神而来的基本呼召。当我们认识到上帝的喜悦时,工作就有了充分的意义。最终,工作是我们对上帝的崇拜。”
1. Building on the rock 建立在磐石上
2. Discerning between good and evil and understanding the times分辨好与恶并了解时机
3. The sign of the covenant – God’s quality assurance 盟约的印记-上帝的品质确认

Session Details 会议信息

Date: 3 July, 2021 (Saturday)
Time: 10:00 am to 4:10 pm
Cost: Your commitment in appreciation of our ICCC speakers who have to wake up at 4 am in the morning to conduct the session for us (Due to we are at different time zone on earth)

日期:07月03日 (周六)
时间:早上10:00 至 下午4:10

Notes 备注

  • The session is open to foreign ID holder only
  • There will not be any live mandarin interpretation, however, the conference notes are available in Chinese
  • Registration closed on 30 June 2021 noon to facilitate emailing of notes and groups allocation
  • For any inquiries, please contact Doreen via the below email