Eventbrite User Guidelines (用户须知)

ICS currently uses Eventbrite for organizing Online Pre-registration for Sunday Service seat bookings. Once you have your own Eventbrite account and the app, it will simplify your weekly Sunday Service seat booking process.


Download the App下载软件 创建账户

IPHONE USER 苹果用户:download from App Store 手机自带的软件库下载👇。

ANDROID USER 安卓用户: download the “APK” file below👇

Create an Account 创建账户

Sign up account with a valid email address, so you can utilize all the features within to better manage your seat booking for attending ICS Sunday Service. 注册一个有效的电子邮件地址的帐户,这样您就可以利用所有功能来更好地管理参加ICS主日服务的座位预订。

Booking Seats 预定

  • Search for “ICS Church Services” 搜索“ICS 主日礼拜“
  • Follow “ICS” 点关注 ICS
  • Select the upcoming ICS Sunday Service to reserve your seat. 选择主日时间并预定座位。

Check Confirmation Ticket(s) 检查预约确认

1. Inside Eventbrite App

  • Under My Account -> My Tickets – can see all your valid tickets by swiping across the pages 找到“我的账户”中的“我的电子票” ,通过滑动可以看到所有的线上预订。
  • Click on the upcoming event (Sunday Service – DATE) 点击所预约的下一场的活动
  • Save Ticket page with QR Code as image or simply show upon onsite registration. 保存带有二维码的确认单,并在现场签到时展示给相关人员。

2. Via Valid Email with Booking Confirmation 

• Find your ticket(s) in the email attachment. It may be in your junk box.
• PRINT OUT, take SCREENSHOT or SAVE THE PDF FILE  on your phone (with confirmation QR Code) & present the e-ticket with QR code upon arriving at Sunday service.

Cancel Bookin 取消预定

1. Inside Eventbrite App

  • Click “My Ticket”, to CANCEL ORDER. 点击“我的电子票”去取消预定
  • Note: CANCEL order will CANCEL ALL tickets booked under the same order. If you need to cancel ONLY 1 particular ticket, please contact <info@icshq.or>。取消订单将取消同一订单下的所有订票。如果你只需要取消一张特定的票,请联系 <info@icshq.org>。
  • Confirm the correct Sunday Service booked (currently 4 timeslots). 找到正确的预约的时间。
  • Check you have no double bookings, so that the seats can be released to others. 确认你没有重复预订,这样座位就可以给其他想要参加礼拜的人。

2. Via Valid Email with Booking Confirmation 

  • Check your conformation email; click through “Contact the Organizer”.  从你的邮件里,点击 “Contact the Organizer”去取消预定
  • Once you sign-in to your Eventbrite account, you can CANCEL ORDER for your booking. 登入账号后,可取消你的预定。
  • Check you have no double bookings, so that the seats can be released to others. 确认你没有重复预订,这样座位就可以给其他想要参加礼拜的人。
  • Otherwise you can also contact us via email info@icshq.org 或者你可联系我们 info@icshq.org

Thanks 感谢

In light of the COVID-19 period and for us to carry out the necessary preventive measures, we seek your kind understanding for any inconvenience caused. Thank you!