230823 – Joseph | Genesis 37:1-11

Are you a dreamer? You may get swept away in visions about your dream school, dream job, or dream family. Maybe you’ve fantasized about starting a business, becoming an artist, or launching a ministry. Whatever the goal may be, you should keep on chasing big dreams. The bigger, the better. If you are living, you should be dreaming. Interestingly, our dreams can seem like nightmares to someone else. Sometimes our ambitions are met with sarcasm or pushback. “You don’t have what it takes,” people may scoff.

If you’ve ever had someone belittle your dreams, then you are not alone. There is a character in the first book of the Bible that dealt with his fair share of dream-crushers. In Genesis 37, a young man named Joseph had two vibrant visions. As he slept, Joseph saw his whole family bowing down to him. As the dream carried on, “the sun and moon and eleven stars bowed down.” Talk about a lofty dream for a teenager who hardly had hair on his chin. Joseph woke up in a cold sweat and ran to his brothers to tell them about his visions. As you can imagine, his message was not received with open arms or bent knees.

I am sure his brothers thought, “What is this kid thinking? What makes him think that he’s any more special than us? This all started when dad gave Joseph that special, colorful jacket” (Genesis 37:4). Joseph’s dreams made his brothers jealous (Genesis 37:11). However, the father of the family took them quite seriously. Genesis 37 explains that “his father kept the matter in mind.”

Have your dreams been shot down by someone else? People may have called you crazy. Your own family may have rolled their eyes. If you have felt this way, then pay close attention to the story of Joseph. Your Father will keep the matter in mind. He has unthinkable and unimaginable plans just for you. Even if everyone else crushes your dreams, your Heavenly Father makes dreams come true.

Keep dreaming. Keep pursuing God. Your Heavenly Father will keep the matter in mind. Phenomenal outcomes will come to pass.