230529 – Jesus Is Better | TBS Devotions

“In the beginning, Lord, you laid the foundations of the earth, and the heavens are the work of your hands.” ~ Hebrew 1:10

Have you ever had a ride-or-die friend? Someone who will drop everything to be with you in the tough times. Someone who will laugh with you in the good times. Someone who’s just a call away. I am blessed to have numerous best friends that check these boxes. One of them isn’t a person at all. He’s a fluffy white dog who’s sitting at my feet right now.

I’ve heard it said, “Dogs are proof that God loves us and wants us to have good things.” Frosty, my furry best friend, has a great life. He sleeps under my desk all day while I write and work. I make him special dinners. He has an endless supply of toys, treats, and cushions for naps.

However, when we first got him, he didn’t see it that way. He was a rescue, so he came from a rough background. Frosty carried some serious baggage. Upon his arrival to his forever home, you’d think he’d jump on his new bed and immediately say, “thank you.” That didn’t happen. For weeks, he cried every hour of every day. He’d whimper all night. The moment we opened the front door, he’d try to run away. This hurt my feelings until I realized that it was all he’d ever experienced. He had to run away from humans in order to live the best life he’d known. Thus, he kept trying to go back to his pre-rescue lifestyle.

Fast-forward to today. Frosty loves his home, his family, his stuffed animals, and his pillow under my desk. It took him nearly four months to realize his life was better now. His new existence was better than his past experiences.

The same was true for the audience of Hebrews. They kept trying to return to the way things were. This book was written to an audience of Jewish converts who were in conflict between their new life and their old ways. They slid back into their comfortable rituals and rhythms. The unknown author writes this letter to make the case that new life in Jesus is better than their old life under the law. Their previous ways weren’t bad, but things just got better. Why? Because Jesus is better.

Where does this letter start? By telling us that Jesus is better than angels (1:5-14). These believers must have had a strange fascination with celestial creatures for this to be the opening argument. I assume they collected little angel action figures, hung angel-themed wall art, and had angelic comic books scattered throughout their homes. The author explains that Jesus trumps angels every day of the week. Sure, angels are awesome, but Jesus is better. It’s not just limited to angels either. Jesus is better than any other spiritual force they can comprehend.

There is safety in our old ways. There is security in our comfort zones, but Jesus is better than anything we can imagine. His strength lasts “forever and ever” (1:8). Don’t chase safety in your old ways. Whether it’s a hurtful relationship, dangerous routines of the past, or a mindset that keeps you stuck, don’t return to those routines. Cling to Jesus as you walk into the new experiences He has ready for you. With God, the best is yet to come.