2017 Oct 18th MIC – ‘Communicating Sensitively’ by James Zhou (我为什么加入“基督中的职场弟兄 – 周乐清)

On October18’s evening, a rainy evening, we studied the 8th lecture in the book of The Measure of A Man, “Communicating Sensitively”. The meeting started with a happy meal, then followed by a birthday party celebrating the birthday of 4 brothers: Kenneth, Andre, Chu Chong and Dennis. 4 brothers shared their touching feeling and thoughts at this moment.

This evening’s subject is on Communicating Sensitively, the 8th attributes of a Godly Man. The scripture quoted is 1 Timothy 3:2 “Now the observer must be above reproach, the husband of but one wife, temperate, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to teach.”

This ability of being ABLE TO TEACH, has to be obtained by a spiritual and emotional maturity.

Communication is so important to all men who is working in any professional field, especially when communicating with a hostile stranger. What we say and how we deliver will determine a totally different kind of result. Pastor Gene shared a story of a CEO of a largest bank in Texas, Mike, who turned an original confrontational situation to a hospitable and friendly event. Mike dissolved the complain of a group of minority people who intended to create a headline news defacing the public image of the bank, but end up leaving his home happily and friendly. How did he managed to do that? A strong faith in Jesus Christ enabled Mike to view those strangers as brothers, a strong empathy enabled him to reach out to them and listen to their request and demands. He even went so far of sharing his conversion to Christ with them.

This story set the tone for this evening’s sharing between brothers. I was in a small group with 5 other brothers. Brothers’ real life experiences taught me the lesson of responding, not reacting when communicating with an angry or unhappy colleague, customer or a stranger. Praising others publicly and criticizing privately.

Men In Christ’s monthly meeting provide us with a rare opportunity of building each other up in the Spirit, and through times, we also deepen our fellowship. So come and join us!

十月十八日夜晚,空中飘着小雨。基督中的职场弟兄又聚在一起学习圣洁男人的特征的第八课富于情感的沟通。聚会开始是大家一起开心地聚餐,然后是十月生日的弟兄的生日派对。十月生日的弟兄共有4位:Kenneth, Andre, Chu Chong and Dennis4位弟兄分享了此时的属灵见证和愿望。