1211- Spirit of Faith 信心之灵

Man is a spirit, he has a soul and he lives in a body. All three of these must be properly nourished in order for them to operate successfully.Joshua 1:8 This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate in it day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success.

In order to exert spiritual power, you must feed yourself on the Word of God with the same frequency as you feed your body with food. God told Joshua to meditate on the Word so that he would know the good and perfect will of God.

When we put God’s Word into our spirit or heart, that Word is consumed by our spirit. As this spiritual food becomes a part of our spirit, it produces the spiritual force called faith.

God’s word is alive and it will do exactly what it has been sent to do. It can impart spiritual life. Until it becomes alive to us, we will never have strong faith or the ability to build up that faith. We need to personalize the Word to ourselves.

If we accept His Word, believe His Word and digest His Word. It will create a spiritual life inside of us. We will be able to live spiritually.

Once the word of God fills up our minds it will then proceed into our hearts and tell our emotions to come in line with the Word of God. When our will is 100% committed, that is when we are ready to develop a life of faith.

By listening to His word, it activates our faith, if not then there is nothing for us to act upon or base our faith upon. It is important to hear His voice with clarity during each situation. Remember that faith only comes through the voice of God. This spoken word of God, as expressed in the Bible and understood through the revelation of the Holy Spirit, is what transforms the impossible into something easy; it renews our mind and nourishes our lives, sending us out to conquer that which once seemed impossible to us.

We have to personally hear the voice of God through His word during our quiet moments with Him. It is either through the written word that becomes a Rhema to us or the witness of the Holy Spirit regarding a verse that comes to us.

When we can see the result or the answer through the “eyes of faith” then we will stop looking at the problem and rather focus on what God has shown us through His Word and begin to say what we believe.

What we confess should be the result of what we visualized in our hearts. Faith will overcome obstacles by not looking at the natural circumstances rather by believing what is in the heart.

Sermon Series: Prayer and Acting on the Word



约书亚记 1:8 这律法书不可离开你的口,总要昼夜思想,好使你谨守遵行这书上所写的一切话。如此你的道路就可以亨通,凡事顺利。

若要展现属灵力量,你就必须用神的话语喂养自己, 就像你用食物喂养自己的身体一样频繁。神吩咐约书亚昼夜思想祂的话,好叫他知道神的美好和完全的旨意。





聆听神的话语将激活我们的信心,如果不是这样,那我们就没有什么可奉行或可以作我们信心的根基了。在每一个状况中听清楚主的声音是很重要的。要切记, 信心只来自于神的声音。神口里所说的话, 如圣经所显示并藉着圣灵的启示使人得以明白,它使不可能变为容易;它更新我们的心思意念,滋养我们的生命,差遣我们出去胜过那我们曾经觉得不可能的。

在我们安静与神独处的时光里,我们需要藉着读神的话语亲耳听见祂的声音。那或许是神藉着经文正在向我们说话的“瑞玛” (在希腊文中:Rhema),或是圣灵的见证使个别经节启示和感动着我们。

当我们透过 ”信心的眼睛“ 能看到结果或答案时,我们就会不再盯着问题, 而是专注于神藉着祂的话语已经向我们显明的,并开始说出我们所相信的。