1125 – How Would You Like Your Story to be Written in the Hall of Faith? 书写你的信心故事

Do you know that our names and life records are in the Hall of Faith? Every one of us has a lifestyle of faith to live out. All of us are on individual journeys with or without the Lord because it is a matter of choice.

Very often, we forget God when things are running smoothly but when a crisis hits, we seek God to bail us out quickly. Crises will bring us back to God as we seek help and refuge. Preferably, God will grant us a quick fix or bail us out quickly when we need to settle matters urgently. Unfortunately, there is always a process after uttering the word “Amen” in our prayers to the time we experience a breakthrough or any kind of results or resolutions. It can be frustrating because we are running out of patience. However, the Bible says that it is through faith and patience that we inherit the promises of God. We need to cultivate both faith and patience. God is interested to help and deliver us, but He is more interested in creating and developing the relationship with us than to provide us with a breakthrough immediately. He is creating in us the character to trust Him and in the process, we learn perseverance, patience, hope, faith, thankfulness, grace and love.

Exodus 17:6 (NKJV) Behold, I will stand before you there on the rock in Horeb; and you shall strike the rock, and water will come out of it, that the people may drink.” And Moses did so in the sight of the elders of Israel.

God wants us to seek Him diligently. He delivered the Israelites out of their distress, but He does not only want to be a bailer in the event of an emergency because He wants to have a close walk with us.

If God is able to produce water out of a solid rock, then He is able to make a breakthrough for us in any situations. It is a faith builder and an assurance from God. Our impossible situation may be like producing water out of a rock! But God wants us to seek Him diligently. God raised up Moses to deliver the Israelites when they cried out to Him. It took years to raise up someone so the deliverance was not immediate. God responded to their cries. Moses led them out of Egypt but their hearts were still in Egypt. Similarly, we might have chosen Jesus as our Lord and Savior but our hearts might still be with the world. Therefore, we need to return to the Lord wholeheartedly if we have been flirting with the world. We have to really begin pursuing Him if we want Him to deliver us out of our distressing situations.

The choice to live a life with the Lord by faith is ours to make. How would you like your story to be written in the Hall of Faith? Are you on a faith journey with God? You should!

Sermon Series: You Are in the Hall of Faith! (Part 2)


你可知道我们的名字及生命故事是被收录在信心的殿中的. 我们每一个人都应活出自己的信心生活方式. 我们都有各自的旅途, 是否与主同行是各自的选择.

很多时候, 当一帆风顺时, 我们忘记了神, 但当急难来袭时, 我们寻求神帮我们速速脱困. 危机能将我们带回到神的身边, 因为我们寻求帮助和避难所. 当我们需要紧急纾困时, 巴不得神可以给与一个权宜之计或快速救助. 遗憾的是, 从祈祷完毕讲”阿门”到经历突破或达成任何结果或化解,这是一个过程. 这过程可能令人沮丧, 因为它考验我们的耐心. 然而, 圣经说, 正是籍着信心和耐心,我们才得以承受神的应许. 我们需要培养信心和耐心. 神希望帮助我们和拯救我们, 相比为我们提供即时的突破,祂更希望建立和加深与我们的关系. 祂在我们里面建立信靠神的品格, 在这个过程中, 我们学会坚持, 忍耐, 盼望, 信实, 感恩, 恩慈和仁爱。

出埃及记 17:6 我必在何烈的磐石那里,站在你面前。你要击打磐石,从磐石里必有水流出来,使百姓可以喝。」摩西就在以色列的长老眼前这样行了。

神希望我们努力地寻求祂. 祂将以色列人从困境中拯救出来, 但祂不希望仅仅成为危机中的紧急援助, 祂希望与我们紧密同行。

如果神能够让磐石出水, 那么祂必可以让我们在任何境况里经历突破.这能建立信心,是从神而来的确据. 我们无望的处境就如同让磐石出水! 神希望我们努力地寻求祂. 以色列人呼求神时, 神就兴起摩西拯救以色列人. 拯救不是一蹴而就的,因为兴起一个人需要很多年的时间. 神回应以色列人的呼求. 摩西带他们出了埃及但他们的心还留在埃及. 同样, 我们选择了耶稣成为我们生命的主和救主, 但我们的心可能还留恋世界. 所以, 如果我们还在与这个世界搞七廿三, 我们就需要转离这一切全身心地归向主. 如果我们需要祂拯救我们脱离困境, 那么我们真的需要开始努力寻求祂.

是否要凭信心活出与神同行的生命,选择在于我们。你愿意你的生命故事如何书写在信心的殿中?你正走在与神同行的旅途上吗? 这是你当做的!