1120 – Don’t Lose Your Soul 不要赔上灵魂

Mark 8:36-37(NKJV) For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?

“Affluenza” is a contagious social disease in affluent societies where people place a high value on money, possessions, appearances, status and fame. As believers who live in the world, we also need to be on the alert.

One common danger in the corporate world is “selling the soul” or giving our all to the company. It is a temptation to prioritise work, achievements, power and possessions above our family and God, and to be deceived into thinking that having all these will give us true happiness.

Many who have reached the top will testify that it is not true. In fact, it is not only a lonely, stressful and thankless place to be, but there may even be a price to pay, such as our health, relationships and family. In hindsight, many would admit to having regrets, because despite many “fair weather” friends, they had no real or loving friendships because they were simply being leveraged. They have lost themselves on the way to winning the world.

Sadly, many people don’t believe that eternity is real, nor do they know that their souls, minds, emotions and feelings would still be intact in hell. It is a place of regrets, with no way of returning or making things right. In Luke 16:19-31, the rich man was crying to Abraham and Lazarus to send someone to tell his brother not to head for the place of torment that he was in. The fact that he could remember his sibling while suffering in Hades means his memory was intact.

In the opening Scripture, Jesus asked the people what was the price for their soul. We should also ask ourselves regularly whether we have exchanged our soul that lasts for eternity for our temporal status in society. There is nothing worth exchanging for in comparison to eternity with God. Therefore, we need to put the first thing first rather than being blinded and deceived by the lusts of the flesh and the eyes in this sinful and perverted generation.

When we truly believe that our soul is priceless because we are bought by the blood of Jesus Christ, then we will not sell our soul to the company, because we know that we have no way of earning a right standing with God.

Sermon Series: Affluenza



“富贵病 – 现代文明富裕症”是富裕社会中的一种具传染性的社会疾病,人们高度重视金钱,财产,外表,地位和名望。作为生活在世俗世界里的信徒,我们还是需要保持警惕。






讲章系列:富贵病 – “现代文明富裕症”