1018 – Use Your Spiritual Gifts To Bless Others用你的属灵恩赐来祝福他人

1 Corinthians 12:4-7 There are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit. There are differences of ministries, but the same Lord. And there are diversities of activities, but it is the same God who works all in all. But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to each one for the profit of allGod does not want us to be uninformed about the gifts of the Holy Spirit, because they are meant to help the church to grow. If there is a manifestation of the gifts, it is God who is working to ensure that people profit from it. What a beautiful picture of the church it is when every gift is operating and working together!

God is full of mercy, grace and compassion and He wants to minister to His people through us. Therefore, we must get to know the prompting and leading of the Holy Spirit in order to yield to Him and minister on His behalf, and not rob those around us of this blessing by being unwilling conduits for the gifts of the Holy Spirit to flow. Love is key in the operation of these gifts because it is our love for God and the people that allow them to flow.

Although some of us might feel uncomfortable, afraid or shy to operate in these gifts, we could save people from a lot of pain and unnecessary suffering if only we were willing! The gifts might have stayed dormant in us, but rest assured that the gifts and calling of God are irrevocable—God won’t take them back once He has given them to us, and He expects us to use the gifts given to us in proportion to our faith level and be a good steward of them.

The ability to move in the supernatural has nothing to do with us because everything is from God. The key is yield to the Holy Spirit to reveal what you have picked up in the spirit. We are just a channel to be used by Him to minister to those around us.

The only way to learn to operate in the gifts that God has given us is to step out in faith and to act on them. Don’t be afraid to share a picture, word or phrase that you have picked up because it might make sense to the recipient. Start by practicing it in a safe environment like your home or cell group, and you will get better and sharper as you keep practicing and yielding to the manifestation of the Holy Spirit.

Sermon Series: CG Campaign – Spiritual Gifts Can Help Your Church Grow (Part 4)


哥林多前书12:4-7恩赐原有分别,圣灵却是一位。 5职事也有分别,主却是一位。 功用也有分别, 神却是一位,在众人里面运行一切的事。 圣灵显在各人身上,是叫人得益处。

神希望我们知晓圣灵的恩赐,因为这些恩赐原是要帮助教会成长的。恩赐的彰显,是 神在做工叫人得益处。当每个恩赐都一起运行和做工时,是多么美妙的教会景象啊!

神充满了仁慈、恩典和怜悯,祂通过我们来服事祂的子民。因此,我们必须了解圣灵的提示和指引,以便顺服 神并为祂服事,而不要因为不愿传递圣灵的恩赐,而剥夺我们周围人的这种祝福。这些恩赐运作的关键是爱 ,因为是我们对 神和对人的爱让这恩赐流动。


进入超自然世界的能力与我们无关,因为一切都来自 神。关键是要顺服圣灵,以揭示你从圣灵里所收获的。我们只是祂用来服事我们周围人的一个管道。

学会运用 神赐予我们的恩赐的唯一方法,就是在信心中走出去,并凭信心行动。不要害怕分享你到的所获取的一个图片、词语或短句,因为它很可能对收取人有意义。从安全的环境中开始练习吧,比如家里或细胞小组,当你不断练习并顺服于圣灵所显明的,你会变得越来越好、越来越精准。

讲章系列:细胞小组活动 – 教会通过属灵恩赐得以成长 (4)