0903 – Vibrant Praise 充满活力的赞美

Psalm 100:4 Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise. Be thankful to Him, and bless His name.Vibrant Praise is a declaration of faith in God. It is singing out of our heart’s conviction regarding the God whom we worship! It is placing our faith in the maker of heaven and earth. It reminds us that He is the maker of all flesh and there is nothing too difficult for Him. We are also reminded that His love for us will never change and nothing in this world will ever separate His love from us. We sing out of our conviction of who God is! We are singing of His goodness, faithfulness and victory.Some of us might belong to this category where we find it improper to be shouting and praising God loudly. We think that we belong to the high society and will not want to be seen as being emotional. Remember King David couldn’t care less what his servants thought about him when he praised God joyfully even with a dance.

Others might find it difficult to Praise the Lord when we are worried, bogged down by the stress and the different distractions in life. We tend to focus our attention on the urgent matters rather than the important ones. We must not allow our flesh to dictate us. Therefore, we need to discipline our flesh and begin to praise God intentionally! There is power in vibrant praise!

Psalm 26:7 That I may proclaim with the voice of thanksgiving, And tell of all Your wondrous works.

Praise is a voice of thanksgiving. Our words of praise can shore up courage and take a fearful man to victory. We are all aware that faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God. Therefore, what we sing in the midst of any challenges will either build us up or continue to keep us oppressed or depressed.

When we sing vibrant praise songs that declare of God’s wondrous works, His almightiness and His victory, we sing it with our mouth, it is a declaration and we get to hear it in our ears. Faith rises up!

Turn the criticizing, murmuring and complaining to praise! Praise helps us to redirect our focus to God who works on the impossible rather than having our concentration on the matter at hand. Worrying doesn’t solve the problem. As we praise God, our mind and our emotion will come in line with the word. We will shift our faith in God rather than be dragged down by the circumstances. God’s faithfulness will never change.

We praise God for our salvation!

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诗篇 100:4当 称 谢 进 入 他 的 门 ; 当 赞 美 进 入 他 的 院 。 当 感 谢 他 , 称 颂 他 的 名 !


我们中有些人可能属于这一类我们觉得大声喊叫和赞美上帝是不妥当的。 我们认为我们属于上流社会,不希望被视为情绪化。 请记住,当大卫王喜乐地、甚至以舞蹈赞美神的时候,他根本就不在意他的仆人怎么看他。

当我们忧虑,被生活中的压力困锁或因各种干扰而分心时,我们可能会觉得很难赞美主。 我们倾向于将注意力集中在紧急的事项上,而不是重要的事项上。 我们绝不能让我们的肉体来支配我们。 因此,我们需要管制我们的肉体,并开始刻意地赞美上帝! 充满活力的赞美是大有能力的!

诗篇 26:7 我 好 发 称 谢 的 声 音 , 也 要 述 说 你 一 切 奇 妙 的 作 为 。

赞美是感恩之声。 我们的赞词可以使人鼓起勇气,使一个害怕的人得胜。 我们都知道信是通过听道和听上帝的话而来的。 因此,在任何挑战中我们所唱的歌会建立我们或者使我们继续感到沮丧或抑郁。

当我们歌唱充满活力的赞美诗歌,宣告上帝奇妙的作为,祂的全能和祂的胜利时,我们用嘴歌唱,这是一种宣言,我们听在耳里, 信心就被提升!

将所有的批评,喃喃不满和抱怨转为赞美! 赞美可以帮助我们将注意力转移到无所不能的神身上,而不是专注在我们手头上的事情。 忧虑并不能解决问题。 当我们赞美上帝时,我们的思想和情感就会与神的话语对齐。 我们将信心转向神,而不是被环境所拖累。 上帝的信实永远不会改变。


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