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0807- The Heart, Our Spirit Man 内在灵人 – 我们的心

Ephesians 3:16-17 (NKJV)that He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with might through His Spirit in the inner man, that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith; that you, being rooted and grounded in loveThe “Heart” refers to the core and center of man’s being, the most important part. This is not talking about the physical organ that pumps blood, but the spirit. The words “inner man” and “heart” in this verse refers to the same thing, the spirit of man.

The Apostle Paul calls the spirit the “inner man”. The heart is a man, but he is hidden. Hidden means not readily observable, obscure, not easy to see. He is hidden from the physical senses. The spirit cannot be seen with the physical eye. The outward man is the part that can be seen and is recognizable. We cannot see the “real you”. We can only see the house in which you live i.e. the body. We cannot locate our spirit with our physical senses. However, the spirit is even “more real” than the body. The spirit is eternal but the body will decay and die. God, who is a Spirit, created everything that is physical.

We are not to spend all our time with the outward man, but to make sure that our inward man is adorned. This does not mean that women cannot wear gold or fix their hair. But the adorning of the inward man is what will win an unsaved husband to the Lord. The hidden man of the heart, the man on the inside, is not corruptible (subject to decay).

2 Kings 6:17(NKJV) And Elisha prayed, and said, “Lord, I pray, open his eyes that he may see.” Then the Lord opened the eyes of the young man, and he saw. And behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.

In the story of Lazarus and the Rich Man (Luke 16:19-31), an actual event told by Jesus, we learn that the spirit being has senses. For example, it has eyes to see (Luke 16:23). The rich man after his death was in Hades, lifted his eyes and he saw Abraham and Lazarus. The spirit being also has ears to hear (Luke 16:24-25). God can allow us to see through the use of open or closed visions.

We need to be sensitive in listening to the promptings of God through our spiritual ears during our time in the closet which is a private place where we can go to alone to spend quality and focused prayer time, or on the way to work or in business meetings.

The inward man/spirit is the receiver from God if we want to position ourselves to be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. When being led by the Holy Spirit and listening to the voice of God have become second nature to us, then we know we are constantly connected to God. We will become sensitive to the leading and prompting of the Holy Spirit and will not allow the flesh to dictate our lives.

Sermon Series: From The Closet to The Street (Part 2)

内在灵人 – 我们的心

以弗所书 3:16-1 求祂按着祂丰盛的荣耀,藉着祂的灵,叫你们心里的力量刚强起来。使基督因你们的信,住在你们心里,叫你们的爱心有根有基,

“心”在这里指的是人存在的核心及中心,最重要的部分;不是指造血的身体器官, 而是指灵。在这节经文中, “内在灵人” 以及 “内心” 指的是同一件事,即人的灵。

使徒保罗称圣灵为 “内在灵人”。 “心” 是个人,但他是隐藏的;隐藏意味着不容易观察、模糊的、不容易看到;他隐藏在感官之外。圣灵不是肉眼所能看见的,外在的人是可以被看到并被识别的部分。我们看不到 “真正的你”,只能看到你住的房子,即你的身体。我们无法用我们的感官来定位我们的灵,然而,灵却比身体“更真实”—灵是永恒长存的,但身体会腐烂及死亡。上帝是个灵,创造了一切物质的东西。

我们不要把所有的时间都花在“外在的人”身上,而要确保我们“内在灵人”得着妆饰。这并不意味着女性不能戴金饰或做头发,但惟有妆饰好“内在灵人”才能赢得尚未得救的丈夫归向主。那隐藏在内心里的人—即那在内在的人,是不会朽坏的 (不会腐烂的)。

列王纪下 6:17 以利沙祷告说:“耶和华阿,求你开这少年人的眼目,使他能看见。” 耶和华开他的眼目,他就看见满山有火车火马围绕以利沙。

在拉撒路和财主的故事里 (路加福音 16:19-31),耶稣讲述了一个真实事件,我们从中获悉灵人是有感官的。例如,灵人有眼睛可以看见 (路加福音 16:23);财主死后下到阴间,他举目远远地望见亚伯拉罕与拉撒路。灵人也有耳朵可以听见 (路加福音 16:24-25)。上帝可以允许我们透过开启或关闭异象来看清事物。


我们若想使自己对圣灵的引领敏锐,那么 内在灵人/灵 就是接收器,专收从上帝发来的信息。当顺从圣灵带领和聆听上帝的声音成为我们的第二天性时,我们就知道自己时时与神相连接。我们将对圣灵的带领和提示变得敏锐,不会让肉体支配我们的生命。

讲章系列:从内室到大街 (第二部分)