0731 – How to Tune into and hear the voice of the Holy Spirit 调准内心的频道, 收听圣灵的声音

There was a vacancy for a signaler in a communication company in the 1940s. There were lots of people vying for this job so they came early with all the necessary documents for the interview. The hall was already full of people when one particular man arrived there for the same interview. The people were talking to each other, some were looking around the office, while others were filling their time reading the newspapers as they waited for their names to be called. These people were all trained signalers. The man who had just arrived heard something in the air as he settled into his seat. It was a Morse code being played in the air. He began to tune into what the Morse code was communicating in the midst of the noisy hall. He managed to decipher the Morse code and the message was, “If you are hearing this message then please come in for the interview without having your name being called”. He walked into the interviewers’ room and was hired. Everyone heard the Morse code but nobody was listening because they were too busy with other things although they were there for the job. This man was offered the job because he was attentive to what was being played and tuned into the message by tuning out all the other noises in the room.Romans 8:13-14 (NKJV) For if you live according to the flesh you will die; but if by the Spirit you put to death the deeds of the body, you will live. For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God.

Similarly, when we are in contemplative prayer, we need to be still in the presence of God to listen to His voice. We need to learn to tune out all other voices and listen to what the Spirit of God is speaking to us. It will take us weeks to master being silent in the presence of God in order to hear from Him. We should work at it until hearing the leading of the Holy Spirit is second nature to us.

We should not neglect the aspect of developing our spirit man to receive from God. We need to train and develop our spirit for it to be a safe guard for God to use. We need to become more conscious of our spirit rather than our soul. As a believer, we need a good balance between being strong intellectually, and to be open to the work of the Holy Spirit and His communication in our lives.

We need to hear and listen so that we can be led by the Holy Spirit not just in aspects of our business and its strategies, investment opportunities or creative ideas, but also in areas of holiness and godliness as we grow closer to God.

Sermon Series: From the Closet to the Street (Part 2)

调准内心的频道, 收听圣灵的声音

20世纪40年代, 一家通信公司有一个信号员的空缺. 来竞争这个岗位的人很多, 所以大家早早地就带着所需的文件来面试. 有一位信号员到那里参加统一面试时,大厅里已经挤满了人. 人们彼此交谈, 一些人在办公室随意浏览四周, 而另一些人则在读报纸打发时间, 等待他们的名字被叫. 这些人都是训练有素的信号员. 刚到的这位信号员正落座时,他听见空中一个声音, 这是一个莫尔斯代码在空中播放. 他开始调谐收听莫尔斯密码在嘈杂的大厅中传达什么. 并破译了莫尔斯密码,信息是,”如果你听到这条信息,那么请进来面试,而不需要等待你的名字被叫”. 他走进面试官的房间,被录用了. 尽管每个人都是来应聘信号员的工作而且每个人都听见了莫尔斯代码,然而没有人在收听,因为他们都忙于其他事情. 这个信号员得到这份工作是因为他留意正在播放什么, 主动屏蔽屋内其他噪音来更好地收听所需的摩尔斯码信息。

罗马书8:13-14 你们若顺从肉体活着,必要死;若靠着圣灵治死身体的恶行,必要活着。 14因为凡被 神的灵引导的,都是 神的儿子。

同样,当我们在沉思祷告时,我们需要在神的同在中保持静默好聆听祂的声音. 我们需要学会屏蔽其他噪音,倾听神的灵在对我们说什么. 我们需要若干星期的时间才能掌握在神面前保持缄默安静,以便听到祂的声音. 我们应该一直努力直到”听见圣灵的带领”成为我们的第二天性。

我们不应忽视对内在灵人的培养,好领受上帝. 我们需要训练和培养我们的灵,使之成为被神使用的护卫之士。我们需要更加敏锐于灵,而不是敏于魂。作为一个信徒,我们需要在强大的理性与敞开让圣灵动工,以及祂在我们的生活中与我们的沟通之间取得平衡。

我们需要收听和倾听, 从而不仅在在业务及其战略、投资机会或创意领域得到圣灵的引导; 而且在圣洁和敬虔方面,我们都能不断成长,越来越靠近神。

讲章系列:从内室到大街 (第二部分)