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0719 – The Healing Power of the Prayer of Faith 出于信心的祈祷带出医治的大能

James 5:15 (NKJV) And the prayer of faith will save the sick, and the Lord will raise him up. And if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven.When a person is sick, we are asked to pray the prayer of faith and not the prayer of consecration. The prayer of faith begins from the position of faith that God is willing and able to heal. It is different from the prayer of consecration which is praying “If it is Your will” when we don’t know the will of God.

Mark 11:24 (NKJV) Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.

The prayer of faith is a prayer that receives something whenever it is used. Jesus said that when we pray the prayer of faith, we are to “believe that we receive.” We are to believe that we have received the healing power of God. It has NOTHING to do with feelings because it is received by faith anchored in the Word. This is the reason that the use of anointing oil and the prayer of faith is a method of God’s healing power that can be administered to a Christian’s sick body.

There is something we can do AFTER we have received the healing power. Many people have the idea that once the power has been received, then the work is all over. They believe that they no longer have to think about this power, or talk about it. But this is far from the truth!

We are to meditate upon the healing Scriptures and to give ourselves wholly to the gift received.

Every time the enemy comes and begins to create doubt in our minds whether the power of healing is working in us, we should respond to these negative thoughts with a bold declaration that Jesus has supplied the healing power through His death, burial and resurrection. Tell the enemy how the healing power was administered to our body. Then declare with confidence that the healing power is restoring our body to perfect health. By doing this we will successfully resist the devil every time!

We should refuse to allow the healing power of God to lie dormant within us! If we stop thinking and talking about it and giving thanks for the healing power of God in us, we will be guilty of neglecting the power and allowing it to become dormant.

If the healing power is valuable enough for God to supply it to us through the sacrifice of His Son, then it is worthy to be thought about, spoken of, and be thankful for. We keep it active in our lives so that all can see what our Heavenly Father has given to us through the laying on of hands.

The person who has received his full healing manifestation is the person who has kept the healing power active within him by giving himself wholly to it. He refused to quit just because results did not appear instantly. He stayed the course and kept the power working until he was satisfied with the fruit produced. Once the healing power has been obtained, keep the switch of faith turned on!

Sermon Series – Job and I (Part 4)



当一个人生病的时候,我们要用那出于信心的祈祷为他祷告,而不是分别为圣的祷告。出于信心的祷告,始于相信 神愿意并且能够医治的立场。这不同于分别为圣的祷告,当我们不知道神的旨意时,分别为圣的祷告会这样说:“如果这是出于祢的旨意…”。


出于信心的祷告,无论何时祈求,就得着。耶稣说,当我们用出于信心的祈祷来祷告时,我们就要“相信我们已经得着。”我们要相信我们已经领受了 神医治的大能。这与感觉无关,是靠着锚定在神话语里的信心而得。这也就说明了用油膏抹以及借着信心来祷告,是神医治大能的方式,用来服事信徒得病的身体。

当我们已经领受了医治的大能,后续仍然有许多事情是我们要去做的。很多人会认为一旦得获了医治的能力,神的工就做完了!他们不再思想或谈论这从 神而来能力,但事实远非如此。


因为仇敌总是伺机来动摇我们的信心,叫我们怀疑是否真有医治的大能运行在我们里面, 对于这些负面的想法,我们就要用大胆的宣告来做出回应, 藉着耶稣的受死. 埋葬和复活,祂已经给予了我们医治的能力。去告诉仇敌,医治的大能已经在我们里面运行!并且用信心宣告靠着这医治的能力,我们已恢复健康完好的身体!每当我们如此行的时候,我们就能战胜仇敌的干扰。


这个医治的能力如此珍贵,让神愿意牺牲祂的独生爱子来供应我们,这就值得我们去思想. 去谈论并且献上感恩。在我们的生命中我们要让这能力保持活跃,让世人看见我们的天父藉着按手所赐给我们的。

一个得到完全医治的人,他必须全然拥抱医治的能力并且让这个能力保持活跃状态。他不会因为没有得到即刻的效果,就放弃相信医治的大能。他会坚持并且让这能力持续地运作,直到他对产生的果效感到满意。所以, 一旦得到了医治的能力,就要使信心的开关一直打开。

讲章系列:约伯与我 (第四部分)