0629 – God Is Our Restorer 上帝是我们的复兴者

The recent global crisis, COVID-19 has caused people to have a very similar experience to Job, where one loses their health, wealth and loved ones. Many people have lost their lives to the COVID-19 virus. The economic impact is felt around the world as different countries have implemented policies to restrict the movement of people and close the borders to their countries. There will be many small and medium enterprises which might not make it through this crisis.God is able to restore everything back to us despite the economic losses brought about by the ripple effect of COVID-19 and the global recession. The key question is who do we trust as the source and restorer of our wealth and possessions?

In the prologue portion in the Book of Job, Satan testified that GOD was the One who blessed the work of Job’s hand and his possessions had increased in the land. God had built a hedge around Job, his family and his possessions.

The devil challenged God that Job would definitely curse God if everything were to be taken away from him. Job had all his possessions and wealth taken away from him by the devil, but he had no knowledge about the devil’s existence and his works. Yet, Job refused to curse God, and this is definitely something that we can learn from Job! Job viewed his relationship with God as more precious than the earthly possession that he had. If God was able to restore to Job all that he had lost during the onslaught of the devil, then God will also be able to restore to us whatever we have lost through this COVID-19 that has brought about the global economic crisis or any other crisis. We should acknowledge that God is the source of our financial provision.

It is clearly stated that the intended end of Job’s suffering and the restoration of his wealth and possessions were displays of God’s mercy and compassion. God used people to bless Job and it was a long process before everything was given back to him in a double portion.

Deuteronomy 8:18 (NKJV) “And you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day.

God is THE ONE who gives us power and wisdom to get wealth. God is also THE ONE who blesses us in our coming in and going out. He is able to bless us regardless whether we live in the city or village. He is able to bless the work of our hands. It is clearly stated that the produce of the ground, the increase of the flocks, herds and cattle are the work of God. The people of God will be the head and not the tail, on top and not below. We are able to continue to witness the blessings of God over the Jews when at least 50% of the Nobel Prize winners are Jews. The Jews see prosperity as a blessing of God! Likewise, the blessings of Abraham and Job were the provision from God.

Sermon Series: Job and I (Part 3)





于是,魔鬼向上帝挑战:如果把约伯的一切都从他手中夺走,约伯肯定会诅咒上帝。 结果,约伯所有的家产和财富都被拿走了, 但约伯当时却不知道魔鬼的存在和牠的作为。然而,约伯拒绝诅咒上帝,这绝对是我们可以从约伯那学习的!约伯看他与上帝的关系比他所拥有的属世的财产更为宝贵。上帝既然能将约伯在魔鬼袭击中所失去的一切恢复给他,那么上帝也能够恢复我们在这次因新冠病毒所带来的全球经济危机中所失去的一切。我们应该承认上帝是我们财务供应的源头。

经文很清楚地表明,约伯受苦及恢复的最终目的是为了显明神的怜悯和恩慈。神 使用人来祝福约伯,而且是在经过一段漫长的过程后,将一切都以双倍还给了他。

申命记 8:18 “你要记念耶和华你的 神,因为得货财的力量是祂给你的,为要坚定祂向你列祖起誓所立的约,像今日一样。