0621 – Go Through Suffering as One Flesh 夫妻一体经历苦难

Ecclesiastes 4:12 (NKJV) Though one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him. And a threefold cord is not quickly broken.We need to be careful to preserve our marriage in the midst of a crisis. The marriage covenant relationship is to ensure that we will face all kinds of life challenges together because we have promised to be together for better and for worse in the marriage vow. We are made to be one flesh.

We need to make a conscious decision that we will stick with each other no matter how long the suffering lasts. Our patience, tolerance and self-control will be tested, but nothing in life can break us when we stay united as husband and wife. It is easier for someone to give up when they are alone, but we can strengthen each other when we are a married couple, because we are not easily-broken when God is the third party in our relationship and we allow Him to journey with us. Such a marriage will withstand any onslaught of the devil.

We are born-again and has the nature of God in us, so we are able to walk in the Spirit and love one another because we are a new creation. We have been asked by the Lord to marry Christians with the same values and principles, and we have a covenant marriage relationship where we share all talents, wisdom, finances and resources in facing the crisis together, so don’t suffer unnecessarily under a strained marriage relationship just because we are going through a crisis, but instead, band together as a couple for better and for worse!

A couple that prays and journeys with each other will stay together in good and bad times. We know that God has built a hedge around us, so don’t walk out of the protection through strife, arguments and fights. Keep the peace and love by staying in the sheepfold so that the chief shepherd Jesus Christ can protect you!

James 5:11a (NKJV) Indeed we count them blessed who endure. You have heard of the perseverance of Job.

At the end of the day, we want to be known for our perseverance, like Job was despite all the bad things that happened to him, but we are in a much better position than Job was to fight the good fight of faith, because we have Jesus as our mediator and the full counsel of the Word to differentiate between good and evil. Also, we know that we have a covenant with God because He has bound Himself to protect and provide for us through the covenant relationship.

Sermon Series: Job & I (Part 2)


传道书4:12 有人攻胜孤身一人,若有二人便能敌挡他;三股合成的绳子不容易折断。



我们是重生了的,里面有上帝的本性,所以我们能在圣灵里行走,彼此相爱,只因我们是新造的人。主要求我们与有相同价值观和原则的基督徒结合,我们达成契约婚姻关系,在这个关系中我们分享所有才能、智慧、资产和资源共同面对危机, 所以,不要因为我们正在经历一场危机而使得婚姻关系也变得紧张,从而让我们承受不必要的痛苦, 而是应该无论顺境逆境,都夫妻同心、患难与共!


雅各书5:11a 那先前忍耐的人,我们称他们是有福的。你们听见过约伯的忍耐。

最终,我们希望能因我们的坚韧而被记念, 就如同约伯一样,尽管遭遇了诸多不幸却仍然信心坚韧。 但我们比约伯有更好的地位去为信心而打一场美好的仗,因为有耶稣作了我们的中保,还有圣经作为全备的劝导,使我们能分辨善恶。同时,我们知道上帝已经立约,因为祂已经约束自己,通过约的关系来保护和供养我们。

讲章系列:约伯与我 (第二部分)