0603 – Look to Jesus for Help 向主耶稣寻求帮助

Matthew 8:2-3 (NKJV) And behold, a leper came and worshiped Him, saying, “Lord, if You are willing, You can make me clean.” Then Jesus put out His hand and touched him, saying, “I am willing; be cleansed.” Immediately his leprosy was cleansed.This leper in this passage echoes the cry or concern of many people who are faced with a chronic illness or hopeless situation, which is whether God is willing to minister to them and heal them. Jesus told the leper He was willing, and even extended His hand and touched him, although a leper was considered unclean and untouchable.

The leper wasn’t concerned about what people would think or say about him when he approached Jesus for help in a helpless situation. Similarly, neither should we let the opinion of others or our theological stand on healing hinder us when we are desperately looking to Jesus for help and healing.

God was willing to help the leper, just like He is willing to heal anyone who is sick now. In fact, Jesus did not even ask the leper to confess or repent of his sin before he healed him. Of course, He is able to heal and forgive sins at the same time, but more importantly, He loved them, for Jesus came to seek and to save the ungodly.

Psalm 103:3 (NKJV) Who forgives all your iniquities, who heals all your diseases

There is a real fight in the thought life of those who are suffering from chronic illnesses. Medical reports or news on the internet and social media don’t help to develop faith or lift our spirit, and if we don’t deal with our thought life but allow ourselves to dwell constantly on all the bad consequences, then half the battle is lost! Overwhelmed by the negativity and resigned to the fact that there is no cure or hope, we will give up the will to fight! Our brain that acts as a command system will send signals to the whole body to prepare itself to shut down, affecting the immune system which is the very thing needed to fight the disease. Therefore, we should mediate on the character of God instead of worrying about something that will not provide a solution and be depressed over the situation.

Let us lift up our hope, faith and spirit by focusing on Jesus and declare His Word so that our mind will be filled with the Word. This will help us to fight and help the body to resist any virus or sickness with the immune system that God has designed for our body to fight diseases.

Sermon Series: Focus on Jesus


马太福音8:2-3 有一个长大麻风的来拜他,说:「主若肯,必能叫我洁净了。」 3耶稣伸手摸他,说:「我肯,你洁净了吧!」他的大麻风立刻就洁净了。

上述经文中的这个麻风病人呼应了许多面临慢性疾病或绝望状况的人的哭声或担忧, 就是神是否愿意服事并医治他们。 耶稣告诉这个麻风病人祂愿意,甚至伸出手触摸他,虽然麻风病人被认为是不洁净的,是不可触摸的。

当这个麻风病人在无助的境况下向主耶稣求助时, 他并不在意人们会怎么看或怎么说他. 同样, 当我们在绝望之时向主耶稣寻求帮助和医治时,我们也不该让别人的意见或我们对于医治的神学立场阻碍我们。

神愿意帮助这个麻风病人, 就如同祂愿意医治任何一位当下正在生病的人. 事实上, 主耶稣在医治他之前甚至都没有要求他认罪或悔过。当然主耶稣有能力在医治的同时赦罪。不过更重要的是,神爱世人,耶稣降世就是为了来寻找并救赎不敬虔的世人。


对于正在经受慢性疾病折磨的人们,他们的思想中会有一场真正的斗争。医学报告, 网络或社交媒体上的新闻无助于信心成长或提振我们的灵。 假设我们不去管理我们的思想而是允许思绪沉溺于所有可能的负面结果, 那么, 这场战争就已经输了一半了. 一旦被负面情绪裹挟,向不治或无望之事实认输,我们就会放弃争战的意愿!我们的大脑作为一个指挥系统, 将向全身发送信号 准备关闭,这会影响免疫系统,而免疫系统正是对抗疾病最为需要的. 因此,我们应该默想神的品性,不要为那些无法提供解决之道的事物忧虑,也不要为眼前的光景沮丧。

让我们定睛于主耶稣, 宣扬祂的道, 让神的道充满我们的心思意念, 让我们加添希望, 坚固信心, 和振奋我们的灵. 这将帮助我们的争战,以上帝为我们的身体所设计的免疫系统来对抗任何病毒和疾病。