0527 – Leadership and Teamwork 领导和团队合作

No man lives for himself. No man is an island – especially a spiritual man.Teams are found in numerous places in the Bible. Moses had his seventy elders. Gideon had his 300 men. David had his warriors. Jesus had his twelve disciples but also sent out the disciples two by two. Paul had his co-workers.

What is a team? A team is a group of people who have come together, forming a deeper relationship for a common purpose/goal. They have devoted themselves both to the purpose and to one another in a personal and working relationship.

The effectiveness of a team is tremendous, and the dynamics very strong.
Jesus and Paul are good examples of how team work functions. It is a teacher/student relationship. A team MUST have a leader, otherwise, it will just dangle in the air or be inefficient. The leader needs to take responsibility as a teacher of the group. He does not need to be the best at everything but must definitely be the one who teaches and trains.

The team leader knows where the group is heading and what it should do – when, how, with whom and why. This leadership must always be executed responsibly, creating a constructive and productive atmosphere. Thus, the teaching and leadership role is important, but it is also necessary for a genuine friendship to develop within the team, in which each one relates and gradually opens up to the others. It is not a question of one- way communication. The group provides protection and mutual edification. Therefore, it is the members’ responsibility to help and exhort each other, not to criticize or show disdain towards the other team members.

Jesus didn’t have a perfect team. He recruited different types of people from different backgrounds and professions. These people would never have chosen to live together if they were given a choice. Jesus put them together. In this way they could complement each other, influence and polish each other and change and mature through one another.

Jesus trained them by throwing them into different situations, to preach, to heal, to cast out demons. No doubt they felt his care and love because he continually looked after them. He even washed their feet, prayed for them and sent them out after his resurrection. He promised to be with them until the end of the age.

The world had never seen anything so intimate, so radical and so effective as that which Jesus did with and through His disciples. There was tremendous power and potential in such a team.

Philippians 2:19-23 But I trust in the Lord Jesus to send Timothy to you shortly, that I also may be encouraged when I know your state…Therefore I hope to send him at once, as soon as I see how it goes with me.

The gratitude, respect and pride Paul felt for his co-worker , Timothy was apparent. The work would go on because everything did not solely depend on Paul. Timothy was committed. He was unselfish and trained both in spiritual gifts and in character. Paul spoke fondly of his co-workers who earnestly followed him and gave their lives to stand together with him through every challenge and difficulty.

Sermon Series: Leadership and Teamwork


没有人为自己而活,没有人是一座孤岛 —特别是名属灵的人。


什么是团队? 团队是一群聚集在一起的人,为了共同的目的/目标而建立了更深的关系。 他们既致力于目标,又致力于建立个人和工作关系。


耶稣和保罗是团队合作的典范, 是一种师生关系。 一个团队必须有一个领导者,否则,它将悬而未决或效率低下。 领导者需要承担作为组织老师的责任,他不需要在所有方面都做到最好,但务必是教书和训练的人。

团队领袖知道团队的前进方向以及应该做什么—何时、如何、与谁以及为什么。 这种领导必须始终负责任地执行、营造建设性和富有成效的氛围。 因此,教授和领导的角色很重要,但是在团队内部发展真正的友谊也是必要的,这样成员之间相互连接并逐渐向对方开放。 这不是单向沟通的问题,该组织提供保护和相互启发; 因此,成员有责任互相帮助和劝勉,而不是批评或轻视其他团队成员。


耶稣训练了他们:让他们陷入不同的境况、去传道、医治、赶鬼。 毫无疑问,他们感到了祂的关怀和爱,因为祂持续不断地看顾他们。祂甚至为他们洗脚、为他们祷告、复活后差遣他们出去;祂应许与他们同在,直到世界的末了。


腓立比书2:19-23 我靠主耶稣指望快打发提摩太去见你们,叫我知道你们的事,心里就得着安慰。……所以我一看出我的事要怎样了结,就盼望立刻打发他去。

使徒保罗对他的同工提摩太的感激、尊重和自豪是显而易见的。这项工作将继续进行,因为不是一切都仅仅取决于保罗。提摩太全心全意,他无私、在属灵恩赐和品格上都受过训练。 保罗亲切地谈到他的同工们—他们认真地跟随他,并献出自己的生命与他一起经受住各种挑战和困难。