0525 – Meditate on God’s Healing Promises 默想神医治的应许

Matthew (NKJV) 8:6-7 saying, “Lord, my servant is lying at home paralyzed, dreadfully tormented.” And Jesus said to him, “I will come and heal him.”

When the centurion approached Jesus to ask Him to help his servant, Jesus was willing, and He is still willing today! God will never turn away anyone who asks Him for help, whether it is for ourselves or on behalf of someone else.

What should we be meditating on if we are sick? We should praise the Lord that He is a good and faithful God who watches over His Word to perform it. He will not allow any of His Word that has gone forth from His mouth to return void, but it shall accomplish all that He has purposed for it. Jesus is the exact image of the Father, and they are one. Jesus came to declare the Father to us through His Word and ministry on earth, which included healing. He never turned away those who approached Him for healing, and the same Jesus who healed Jairus’ daughter, the ten lepers and the centurion’s servant is willing to heal me. I will put my faith and confidence in Jesus who loves me unconditionally. He remembers my sins no more, and no virus or sickness shall be able to separate me from His love. I am hidden in Christ and accepted in the Beloved. When the Father looks at me, He see Christ.

No sickness is impossible with God because all things are possible with Him for those who believe. Through the Holy Spirit living in me, the anointing which is the yoke-destroying and burden-removing power of God, is flowing within my body to bring about the full manifestation of the healing. It will remove this burden of sickness and pain from me. God is the creator of my body system, and He is raising up my immune system to battle against what is attacking my body. Just like the woman with the issue of blood was healed when she touched the helm of Jesus, I am reaching out to God by faith to receive my healing because healing belongs to me as a child of God. Because healing is a process, I will rest in the Lord by continuing to worship and praise Him throughout the process.

God is able to heal me through medical science. Therefore, healing takes place when I take my medicine or go through any form of treatment. He is able to use any form of healing to restore health to my body. It is the will of God that I should prosper spiritually, emotionally and physically. I stand on these promises and by the stripes of Jesus I am healed.

Sermon Series: Focus on Jesus


马太福音8:6-7「主啊,我的仆人害瘫痪病,躺在家里,甚是疼苦。」 耶稣说:「我去医治他。」


如果我们生病了,我们应该默想什么?我们应当称颂耶和华是一位良善信实的 神,谨守祂的话语付诸实施。祂不容许祂口中所出的话徒然返回,而是要成就祂所定的一切。耶稣就是天父的形象,祂们本是一体。藉着圣经和祂在地上的服事,包括医治,耶稣把天父向我们显明。祂从不拒绝那些就近祂寻求医治的人。那医治睚鲁女儿,十个长大麻疯的以及百夫长的仆人的耶稣,同样愿意医治我。我要信靠无条件爱我的耶稣。祂不再记念我的罪,没有病毒或疾病能使我与祂的爱分离。我藏在基督里,被爱子接纳。当天父看着我,祂看到的是基督。