0520 – God Almighty 全能的上帝

We have read about all the exploits that the Old Testament saints had done for the Lord and the experiences that they had with Him. We also have the opportunity to read about the wonderful experiences the twelve disciples had during their time with Jesus. However, does it mean that God no longer journeys with us when we are faced with the same challenges and crises in our lives? Has God left us to endure until we go to heaven? What is the relevancy of faith for today? Does it mean that the faithfulness and the love of God was purely historical? Absolutely NOT!

Having the right image of who God is will help us to enjoy the inner peace while the rest of the world panics.

Mark 4:41 (NKJV) And they feared exceedingly, and said to one another, “Who can this be, that even the wind and the sea obey Him!”

The disciples were amazed that Jesus was able to command the wind and the waves to be calm. Unlike the Centurion, the disciples did not grasp the revelation that the Son of God has authority over all of creation and His word carries power. Jesus is indeed the great I AM and the Word during the time of creation. It is His Word that upholds all things that are seen and unseen.

The Bible tells us that the just shall live by faith therefore Christianity is a lifestyle of faith. It will require us to leave our comfort zone when we are made to walk out in faith to trust Him when the natural environment is extremely unfavorable towards us. God will meet us at our level of faith and assure us with His Word.

Unlike the disciples, we have the full counsel of the Word of God and we have read about how God established a covenant with Abraham and reminded Abram that He is Almighty God or El Shaddai. He is able to bring to pass whatever He promised Abraham.

Almighty (Strong 3841)(pantokrator) means strength or might, especially manifested power, the power to rule or control is literally the ruler over all or the One Who controls all things and Who has power over everything. God Almighty at times is also referred to as El Shaddai (Strong’s Concordance – Greek)

Shaddai (Strong 07706) (Shadday) means Almighty, most powerful. The Name Shaddai conveys the truth on the one hand that He is omnipotent and on the other that He is sufficient. (Strong’s Concordance – Hebrew)

Abraham had a calling to be the father of many nations. He heard the calling from the Lord personally. Abraham had to believe that God has called Him to be the father of many nations and that the promise would come through Sarah. It was an impossible situation because of their age therefore Abraham had to believe that God is truly the God Almighty.

You and I have a calling today. Some of us are called into full time ministry whereas the rest are called into the marketplace ministry. We need to trust that God Almighty has placed us in these ministries with a purpose.

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全能的(Strong3841)意味着力量或伟力,特别是指彰显出来的力量,统治或控制的力量,照字面解释就是万有的统治者,或者那位掌控一切事物的,以及能力超乎一切的。全能神有时也被称为El Shaddai

Shaddai(Strong07706)(Shadday)表示全能,最强大。 Shaddai这个名字传达了真理,一方面指祂是万能的,另一方面指祂是足够的。



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