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0518 – A God Idea 神的旨意

Some of us might be facing possible pay cuts, company downsizing and even repatriation. Maybe some are even considering moving to another new country. There are so many uncertainties because many of the major economies are affected by the COVID-19 crisis.If you have not sought the face of God and you are at a fork road of your life because of this current situation, then it will be wise to seek His will for your life. Don’t have a knee jerk reaction due to this crisis. Get a word from God by consecrating yourself to Him.
The safest place is where the Lord is present with us at the inception.

Exodus 33:14-15 (NKJV) And He said, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” Then he said to Him, “If Your Presence does not go with us, do not bring us up from here.

Moses needed the assurance of God to do what he was called to do when he led the Israelites. The word REST means to be secure, to be still and to dwell peacefully. This refers to God’s presence that will give rest to His people. His presence soothes, comforts, settles, consoles and quietens us. Hence, if this is what we want to experience in our lives then we will need to pay the price of seeking out the will of God for our lives and walk in His will.

Often times, we have the tendency to be carrying out our own agenda in life and expect God to bless it and bail us out if needed. We expect and demand that God bless the project or business that we have initiated without seeking His approval. People are disappointed that God didn’t bless their plan. God is not obliged to bless our plan when He was not even consulted about it. We are in no position to dictate to God to do things for us or even bless our plans. It could be a good idea to start a business, emigrate, have a joint venture, purchase a franchise, open up a shop front etc. Is it a Good idea and God’s idea? He is the Lord of our lives and everything that we have belongs to Him. It’s so important for us to pursue, articulate, plan and execute God’s idea and dream. Therefore, it is good to obtain God’s endorsement before we rush out to execute the idea.

Not every idea is a God idea therefore it’s important to consecrate our plan, idea and dream to Him. Get a confirmation through a Book, Chapter and Verse (BCV) including a witness of the Holy Spirit with godly counsel. If we are confident it is a God idea, God will pay and bless it! If it is our idea without consecration, we will need to fund it ourselves! Once God has given us the idea, we own the idea and know how the final product will look like. We are impregnated with it.

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如果你没有寻求神的面,并且由于目前的情况,你正处在人生的岔路口,那么寻求 神的旨意是明智的。不要因为这场危机而做出下意识的反应。把自己奉献给 神从祂那里得到话语。最安全的地方是主在创世之初与我们同在的地方。

出埃及记33:14-15耶和华说:「我必亲自和你同去,使你得安息。」 摩西说:「你若不亲自和我同去,就不要把我们从这里领上去。

摩西在带领以色列人的时候,需要 神的应许,使他遵行 神所吩咐的。“安息”这个词的意思是安全、安宁和安居乐业。这是指 神的同在,使他的子民得以安息。他的同在抚慰、安慰、安定、使我们平静。因此,如果这是我们想要在生命中经历的,那么我们就要付出代价,就是寻求 神对我们生命的旨意,并按照祂的旨意行事。

很多时候,我们倾向于在生活中执行自己的计划,期望 神祝福它,并在需要时帮助我们。我们期待并要求 神祝福我们不经神许可就启动的工作项目或业务。人们对神没有祝福他们的计划感到失望。既然人都不征求祂的意见,祂就没有义务祝福我们的计划。我们不能命令 神为我们做事或祝福我们的计划。创业、移民、合资、购买特许经营权、开设店面等都是个好主意。不过这个好主意是否也是神的旨意?祂是我们生命的主,我们所拥有的一切都属于祂。对我们来说,寻求、表达、计划和执行 神的旨意和梦想是如此重要。因此,在我们冲出去执行这个旨意之前,最好先得到 神的认可。

不是每一个主意都是 神的旨意,所以把我们的计划、想法和梦想奉献给祂是很重要的。通过书卷和章节(BCV)得到确认,包括圣灵的见证和虔诚的忠告。如果我们确信这是神的旨意,神会偿付并祝福它!如果这是我们未曾献上给神的想法,我们就得自己付出代价!一旦 神给了我们这个旨意,我们就拥有了这个主意,知道最终的产品会是什么样子。它在我们里面成形。

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