0308-Approach God with Faith and Confidence 凭信心坦然无惧来到神前

Hebrews 4:16(NKJV) Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.

Two categories of people will seek to come before God, the saved and the unbelievers. Both have to learn that they need to approach God based on His requirements rather than their own experiences or perceptions.

Once we are aware and believe that Jesus has obtained an eternal redemption for us and has given us His righteousness, then we will be bold in coming before Him. It has nothing to do with our own works of righteousness though we will do good works and live in godliness once we are saved. We will also not be affected by our own feelings of insecurity of having not done enough to be accepted by God. Jesus has done everything for us. We are hidden in Him where we are seen as righteous, holy and blameless.

It pleases God when we approach Him by faith at His throne of grace whenever you need help or mercy during times of need. We are able to rest in the completed work of Jesus Christ. It is done. We are hidden in Christ. We have a new position as a child of the living God.

Ephesians 1:6-7 (NKJV) to the praise of the glory of His grace, by which He made us accepted in the Beloved. In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace.

Remember, it is an INVITATION by God to enter into His presence to find help and mercy in times of need. All of us should be delighted to be invited. All of us need grace during difficult times to sustain us, especially during times like these as we wait for the pandemic to pass. All of us need God’s mercy when we have done wrong or have taken a wrong turn in life or have made a wrong decision without consulting Him.

Honestly, it is very difficult to pray effectively unless we have faith and confidence in the presence of God. We know that the prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective. He is listening to us right now. The wonderful thing is that we will enter into His presence in a rested position, comfortable and with the knowledge that we are accepted by Him once we have understood what Christ has done for us. It is easier to connect by faith.

We are ready to speak to Him by faith and with confidence, as we are children of the living God. God is pleased if we come to Him by FAITH based on what Jesus has done for us. We will enter a state of rest when we cease from using our own strength and futile dead works to approach God. We need to have that conviction that Jesus’ sacrifice is good enough. We are not able to add or subtract His work by adding on what we do by our own strength. Therefore, approach God with faith and confidence through this position that God has obtained for you in Christ.

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希伯来书 4:16 所以,我们只管坦然无惧地来到施恩的宝座前,为要得怜恤、蒙恩惠,作随时的帮助。

有两类人—已得救的人与尚未信的人–会寻求来到 神面前。这二者都必须明白,他们需要遵照神的要求来到 祂面前,而不是根据自己的经验或观念。

我们一旦意识到并相信耶稣已为我们取得了永恒的救赎,并把祂的义赐给了我们,我们就会坦然无惧地来到 神面前。这与我们自己的义行无关,虽然我们得救后必然会行善并过敬虔的生活。我们也不会因为觉得自己做的不够不受神的悦纳导致缺乏安全感而受到影响。耶稣已为我们成就了一切。我们藏在祂里面,在那里,我们被视为公义、圣洁、无有瑕疵。

每当你需要帮助或艰难时需要恩典,而你凭着信心来到祂的施恩座前时,神就喜悦。我们可以安息在耶稣基督已成就的救赎之工上。已经完成了。我们藏在基督里面。我们拥有了作永生 神儿女这样一个新的身份和地位。

以弗所书 1:6-7 使他荣耀的恩典得着称赞;这恩典是他在爱子里所赐给我们的。我们借这爱子的血得蒙救赎,过犯得以赦免,乃是照他丰富的恩典。

要记住,这是一个来自 神的邀请,叫我们进入 祂的同在,为要得怜恤、蒙恩惠,作随时的帮助。我们大家都应该为获邀而欢欣。我们所有人在患难时都需要 神的恩典来支撑我们,尤其像眼下这种时候,大家都在等待着新冠疫情大流行快点过去。我们都需要神的怜悯,当我们犯了错时,或人生转错了方向时,又或者因为没有事先与神商议而做出了错误的决定之时。

老实说,除非我们在神的同在中怀有信心与自信,否则我们很难作有效的祷告。我们知道义人祈祷所发的力量是大有功效的。主现在正在倾听我们。奇妙的是,我们一旦明白基督为我们所成就的一切,我们就会以安息的姿态进入 祂的同在,安稳自在,知道我们在爱子里已蒙 神悦纳。信心是与神连接的捷径。

作为永生 神的儿女,我们已准备好凭着信坦然无惧地与 神说话。借着耶稣已为我们成就的一切,神 喜悦我们凭信心亲近 祂。当我们不再依靠自己的力量和徒劳的死的行为 亲近 神,我们将进入安息的状态。我们要确信耶稣的献祭已然足够。我们不能通过自己的力量和努力,再增加或减少 祂已完成的工作。因此,借着 神在基督里已为我们取得的这个新身份,我们凭着信心只管坦然无惧地来到 神面前吧。

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