0213-Godly Husbands 敬虔的丈夫

1 Peter 3:7 Husbands, likewise, dwell with them with understanding, giving honor to the wife, as to the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life that your prayers may not be hindered.There are roles that God has established within the family. The role of the husband is to take leadership as the head of the house, and the role of the wife is to submit, respect and support as a help mate.

The husband is instructed to dwell with his wife with understanding. When the Bible talks about wives being the “weaker vessel”, it is not belittling them but simply means they need someone to understand, support and journey with them. Husbands should get to know their wives, including what pleases and displeases them, and be sensitive about what they say. Women get very hurt when their husbands speak and act in ways that show they don’t know them or care about them.

To dwell with her also means not running away from her or purposely staying out late. When one is given the authority to head the household, what comes with it is responsibility. In order to live with them in understanding, we must take time to hear them out. The key is to realize that men and women are wired differently. Women can be easily swayed by their emotions and are more easily overwhelmed than men. Communication is vital to women and it means intimate sharing.

To give honour to the wife means husbands should value their wives’ opinion and seek it out before making major decisions. The husband needs not be seen like he needs to control everything. It will be a great encouragement to give her freedom to make certain decisions or take care of certain things.

Life will not be a challenge if we know that God has granted us grace for this life and grace to be married to someone. There will be grace for the couple to journey in life together, and there is the grace that God gives us to stand in faith and live the Christian life. When God gives us standing grace, He gives us ability for various areas of our lives. Whatever you need to know, be or do, God wants to give us grace in such a way that we will have His supernatural ability in that area, whether in your work, your homemaking, your responsibility as a husband, your children’s education or your spiritual life.

Sermon Series: Divorce Paper


彼得前书3:7 你们作丈夫的也要按情理和妻子同住;因他比你软弱,与你一同承受生命之恩的,所以要敬重他。这样,便叫你们的祷告没有阻碍。